Well I didn’t expect it, but it was Majikaja that came to the rescue before Riko could make a horrible mistake. Funny how this episode showed how smart Riko can be, and yet she was about to jump headfirst into screwing herself over by almost taking Belaf’s deal. Thank goodness for Majikaja, so after leaving Belaf’s lair we take a detour with The Luring.

This episode was alright. It was a mostly action-oriented episode with everyone facing off against the monster that the villagers lured in, in order to increase the value of the village. I was expecting more out of The Luring but it was alright in the end. We finally get to see why Riko had short hair in the OP, which she used to give to Majikaja to increase his value? Which is why he turned into a cool motorcycle thing? At least that’s how I understood it. Riko rallied the villagers to take part in her plan since she figured out how to defeat the monster. Honestly it was pretty amazing that one of the Three Sages couldn’t even take it down, and all it took was ingenuity. And I can’t believe I almost sort of got emotional for Maaa when I thought he was going to die. But Reg came in time to help when Prushka called out to Riko to make her use the whistle. I still don’t think I fully understand how the white whistle works, but with Prushka it looks like it was able to call Reg over and gave him either a power boost, or the white armor signified that he was under Riko’s control. Either way, it looks like the whistle is able to use Reg in particular. Not really sure why, I feel like there’s still way more about the mystery of the white whistle that we need to learn about. Also RIP Prushka, you really weren’t given a fair chance at all.

I think what I’m most looking forward to in the anime is what we’ll be getting next week, which is the start to the backstory of the Ganja and the founding of the village. Though seeing some reactions, I might have to prepare myself for what will happen. With the case of Nanachi, Wazukyan had mentioned that getting Faputa would be a surefire way to settle things. While Reg searches for her, Riko asks Vueko about Faputa and it looks like she’s connected to the Ganja, so we’ll be getting their story. Now I’m starting to think that Faputa is not the little tribal girl (Irumyuui) and is just herself, so I wonder how Irumyuui is connected now. That jewel we saw at the end of the episode shows up in the OP, particularly with Irumyuui and I’m wondering if that jewel thing is her. Considering Prushka is now a whistle it seems to be totally possible. I’m wondering where that amber jewel even is, with one guess being that it’s part of the village and it’s the village’s core. It could be the reason why the village is the way it is? No idea, but I’ll get my answers soon enough.

One thing that stood out to me was when it was said that the Sages only appear when the membrane is destroyed? What membrane, and does it have to do with that jewel?


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