Faputa’s reign of terror begins. Reg’s promise as I thought was to help her destroy the village. She cannot go into the village because of the laws and she knowing Reg wouldn’t do it for her since he’s so kind, she wanted him to head inside and “rewrite” the laws so she could enter. What they were referring to was the Incinerator, that would be able to blast a hole inside the village that would be able to let her in. And then her plans to eradicate the village would start. Reg comes back to the village to inform everyone and all of a sudden the big monster from before with the sword appears and attacks Reg. Unfortunately, Reg HAD to use his Incinerator to protect himself and everyone else else from Juraimoh, as he attacked Reg for the piece of Faputa he was carrying, which was the piece of her arm that she had ripped off. Doing that, Reg had blasted a giant hole in the village. Now that Faputa’s able to get inside the village, her reign of revenge starts now. The music and framing in this part was so well done, and Faputa’s voice deepening was unusually scary. Her monologue was pretty unsettling too and it left on a good cliffhanger…for the carnage that we would see.

But before that, Nanachi finally wakes up from her dream and Belaf brings her up to speed. He had implanted his memories and experiences into her, and suddenly he set her free. I might be missing something but I don’t completely understand why he did, but this led Nanachi to say goodbye to Mitty as Nanachi knew she needed to get back to everyone. But with how things in the village works, Mitty wouldn’t be able to survive past the barrier. As if saying goodbye to Mitty the first time wasn’t painful enough, the second time around was still as emotional and brought tears to my eyes. Though I will admit that I hope this is the last time we’ll see Mitty because while they did a good job to make things heartfelt and emotional, I don’t think it’d work for the third time. I hope Nanachi takes these experiences, satisfied that she was able to give Mitty a proper and less dramatic farewell, and moves on.

I have to say, this episode 10 was fantastic in all fronts. The episode and the previous are a musical and visual feast. The animation was gorgeous and fluid, the violence very visceral as Faputa showed zero mercy to everyone in the village, killing them in an animalistic rage. I knew things were going to be bad, but the sudden pan to the many shredded corpses and Faputa drenched in blood was shocking. In hopes of being able to put an end to all this, Reg steps up to stop Faputa though it’s very much not an easy task.

We finally see the flashbacks of how Faputa and Reg met each other, how Reg was before, their promise of Faputa wanting to destroy the village, an additional promise of them always being together and maybe creating a family of their own, and just their relationship in general and how they cared about each other. Reg was given a mission by his creator to head up to the Abyss to find a Haku (a very precious thing), to which he promised Faputa to return and fulfill her desire and they would stay together. That whole time Faputa was waiting for him, slowly sinking back to her loneliness and grief when he never did. And for him to finally come back and not remember a thing, I can understand why Faputa is so hurt. We see that they had a great friendship, and Faputa even developing feelings for him, so for all of that be suddenly be gone…I can imagine the pain that all brings. During this, we also learn the meaning of Faputa’s name (immortal princess), what Haku means and why we see that symbol. As Faputa was born from three eggs, she explains she has three Haku. One of the symbols is on Gabu, the second at the very entrance of the village for Iruumyuui. And the last one I remember being drawn on the self portraits Nanachi drew when they were going to send their letter balloon, as Faputa drew it on top of Reg. Pointing to, again, Faputa’s strong feelings for Reg. Another interesting tidbit about this, when Faputa appeared in the village the previous episode her gems and claws shone to make the Haku symbol on herself in an incredibly cool shot. Which…ohh, of course Faputa would be Iruumyuui’s Haku. Ugh, the pain doesn’t stop. ;~; We also understand all the rock structures from her little cave and why she was so happy to see Reg again. Faputa has always been a lonely girl so again I understand her sadness and irritation, but I can’t say what she’s doing is right. This village has been around for a long time and there’s plenty of Hollows in there that have nothing to do with what happened all the way back then. And even though Faputa loves Reg so much, it looks like not even he can stop her as she continues to fight and push him away. Faputa doesn’t show any mercy to Reg as she is blinded by rage, attacking him brutally and even at the very end. The music abrupttly cutting to Faputa’s words of “…but foolish, sosu.” and blacking out was chilling. VERY well done. This episode was great.

The question remains though: Who is Reg and what is going on? His name was Reg before he lost his memory, and Riko conveniently called him Reg too? Is there some sort of connection there with Lyza maybe? No clue but I can at least theorize what may be the answer.


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