We finally got some backstory on Professor Fudo and the truth of what led to the Zero Reverse incident, as well as insight on how Ancient Fairy Dragon’s card fell into the Dark Signers’ hands. And I must say, the truth is actually pretty messed up considering this was no accident. It didn’t just happen because the system went wrong, it was because Rudger selfishly decided he wanted to press on with Moment Research, even if it meant putting the public safety at risk.

So drove him to make such a selfish and stupid decision? Well there were two contributing factors to this. When Professor Fudo called off and pursuing any further research, Rudger decided to independently go out to investigate why these mysterious and bizarre things were happening whenever they were running Moment. His research led him to the Nazca Lines, which is how he came to learn about they serve as the seals, and there met a man from Iliaster claiming he was the “Chosen One”. This easily got into Rudger’s head because as it turns out, the Dragon Head arm we’ve seen from time to time up until now, that’s his arm. Turned out after he had betrayed Professor Fudo, he decided to cut it off, and entrust it to his brother Rex (aka: Godwin, and I’ll stick to referring to him this way for the sake of consistency), because he has two Gods inside him and he must promise to defeat when he returns as Dark Signer. This was most likely referring to the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortal after he decided to pursue the path of darkness after being touched by it when Moment reversed (spinning the opposite direction). This is why Moment is referred to as the key to resurrecting the Dark Signer Gods that had been sealed away.

Though I have to laugh at the fact he’s like, “STOP ME” and then just seconds later goes on to say, “I CHOSE THE PATH OF DARKNESS!” Sure, I suppose we could argue that was the darkness inside him talking, but let’s remember that he still fell into the temptation presented by the man from Iliaster about how the project can proceed if he were to remove the Professor from the project.

Speaking of the mysterious man from Iliaster: It goes without saying that this was one of the most important moments in these two episodes. This mysterious organization was first introduced back in episode 7 and then disappeared from the grid ever since, so I wouldn’t blame you if you had forgotten about their existence. I know I did when I watched this series for the very first time back when it was airing, hahaha it happens, but I digress. Anyhow, as mentioned in the above, Illaster played a crucial role in planting the idea in Rudger’s head in the first place how he was the “Chosen One”, destined to “Rewrite History”. We also saw that Yeager is in contact with them, showing us that he isn’t actually loyal to Godwin, but rather Illaster. It is unknown what position this man holds, though his attire would suggest he is someone quite high up. However this is a little detail that sort of… unreliable and inconsistent to the point that now I wonder if they actually changed his design some where along the line— or maybe I’m forgetting some significant, it’s been a long time, so I’ll just jot this down to look back to when the time comes to do the comparison so you don’t have to. Basically all I’m saying it, don’t get too hung up on this mysterious Illaster Man’s profile, I’d say it’s rather unreliable at this stage. I mean… Considering how many years this show runs for, it wouldn’t be surprised if they did and people didn’t really notice because it’s been so long, haha!

The next big thing is of course figuring out exactly what makes Godwin so suspicious. Well he says one thing, and then he does another. Perhaps there was some truth in his words of bidding his brother Rudger farewell and doing his part of upholding the promise— though it appears he has twisted it upon having made his own discovery of a “new future”… hm that sounds familar huh… oh right, DESTINY! We know Godwin at some point became equally if not more obsessed as his brother with the whole thing, and now we’re about to see him attempt to become the freaking King of the Underworld as Rudger alluded to– because he’s CERTAINLY NOT helping out Yusei and the others. The guy didn’t even reveal the information that he possessed the arm of the original chosen Signer (Rudger) who had possessed the Head of the Crimson Dragon, instead as he had indicated: He has his own agenda, and he is determined to see it through. Yusei and the others are merely pawns on his board to fulfilling his vision.

And finally, it was really great to see Yusei be vulnerable. Unable to tolerate Rudger’s madness and the price he’s willing to pay to pursue this so-called “Destiny”, Yusei opened up on how he bears the guilt of how his father’s creation is what tore apart the lives and families of so many. And in hindsight, I feel like this really explains why Yusei has always been that quiet type. He is grateful for the friendships, and wishes to pay the kindness forward, but at the same time, he bears the guilt how his father created something that would later be responsible for such a tragedy. And that’s very much true to Yusei’s nature to fall into that considering how much he values the bond he shares with others. But as Crow said, despite how he feels, Yusei is not to blame, and we now know that his father had nothing to do with it either. After-all, Professor Fudo had responsibly ordered to put a stop to their research the moment he realized that any further testing posed a risk to public safety. So even though things ended badly, he can hold his head a bit higher knowing that his father did what he could to try and stop it from happening because he cared more about the fate of others than the MIDS research.

…Except at the end of the episode, Yusei kinda fell into Moment after Rudger decided to take him out after he was defeated. Well we’ll talk about that in the next one. Until then, see you next time!

UPDATE: Next Entry will be Released November: 30th, 2022


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