When I finished this episode, I really had no idea what I was going to write about. If anything, I’m excited to know about the developments between Kahaku and Fushi as hinted at in the episode preview. That being said… Bon has come across a pretty important discovery in this episode and I, like he, don’t know how I feel about it !!

There were a number of revelations that came about in this episode. First and foremost, we learn that Fushi’s inability to raise the dead has more capability than we initially thought. After traveling to a new kingdom, we witness the death of a young girl who Fushi declared that he would be unable to save and unable to revive. Despite being called a fraud and a scam, I do think it’s important for someone to recognize what they can and can’t do. To give closure, he shows the man that he can only transform into his daughter since she has passed on or he can simply produce a husk of the body. After leaving, Bon overhears that the daughter does, in fact, come to life. And if you ask me, that’s pretty scary. Initially, I thought this was going to turn into a zombie/nokker take over situation, but when Bon visits the resurrected girl without Fushi’s knowledge, she seems perfectly fine. So hopefully, this ability doesn’t come back to bite us later (could you imagine if he produced a husk of Hayase, and her desire to be with him was just so strong that she came back to life? Shivers down my spine just thinking about it.)

And if I’m honest… I don’t know where I stand on Bon’s reaction to this information. Like on the one hand, I want him to tell Fushi because it would likely make the immortal happy, but at the same time… is that a good idea? I think it’s something that he will need to know for the future, but he may not be emotionally ready for it. Plus, there’s no guarantee that it will work. Why did it work for the girl and not the crab? How many times can he bring someone back to life? There are just too many outstanding questions. It’s almost too dangerous for him to have this information. I think Bon made the right call, I’m just worried that it will lead to a fight in the near future.

Resurrection is probably the biggest development of the story, but we also got some smaller items! Like Pacoa tagging along and just being in a barrel for the whole trip. Or like getting more backstory on Todo! Turns out Todo is actually Iris  and has now been demoted to the sock department after losing her position of being Bon’s chair. Ah…. That’s a bummer, Fushi was just trying to share her feelings with Bon and it did not go well. Arguably, Fushi has not yet learned how to read rooms so we can’t fault him for being so open about that love. I hope Iris and Bon get to have some cute moments in the future. It’s really impressive how dedicated she is to him. Bon, unfortunately, will probably stay dense about it because everyone around him seems to love him. And I understand why. Initially, I really thought it was because he was a prince and they had to be nice to him because of his status. And while that may be true in some instances, he’s the kind of guy, as dramatic as he is, to actually know those around him. Obviously, he’s not like his brother, but there is some merit to knowing people’s stories. He knows their names. He knows what people have been through in order to help others. They aren’t just numbers and peasants beneath him. He understands them all as humans. And they did a really good job of showing us that in this episode. From the times at camp, pulling out the man with a prosthetic, and even going to find Thomas under the rubble (yes, he had help, but he could have just left him!). He’s a good guy.

Outside of these developments, Fushi is still trying to wrap his head around love. People around him are feeling it, but it really isn’t manifesting in him… well, aside from this doll that he found in the window. I’m really curious to know what role this doll will play in the future. What drew him towards it? Is it just because it is something that March would like? I have so many questions and I’m afraid they won’t be answered!! I would give anything to have March back! I miss her! So! Much!! But, I’m scared to have her back. So, we’ll just see what happens with that. Back to the whole love concept though, Kahaku is obviously trying his best to push Fushi towards an understanding of it. Because at the very end he asks him to become his wife! Wow! What an absolutely bold move for a descendant from Hayase. No offense Kahaku, but this was probably… a not great time to do this. 

But! We will have to see how this all plays out in the coming episodes. Things look like they are going to be heating up next week. I’m going to start prepping my tissues now. We haven’t had a dramatic death (with the exception being Tonari) yet. I feel like we are wayyy overdue for a weeping session. 


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