This episode was definitely less intense and heart wrenching than what happened with Teru, but it was still really interesting to see how certain relationships have come around. Though not gonna lie, I expected things to be a lot more hard hitting than it was since this episode focused on Ritsu. And considering how ??? is the reason for Ritsu’s trauma regarding Mob, I honestly thought there would be more impact. Though I think it just ended up as “fine” rather than great compared to the pain and suffering I experienced during Teru’s attempt to stop ???.

I think the thing that surprised me most was Suzuki’s involvement in this all. Compared to how he was in the second season, there is already a very big difference in how he is now. Which actually surprised me with how much he’s matured in that short amount of time. Not only did he to respect the two other ex-Claw members for how they were now living up an honest life (also rip their store they failed to protect T^T), but he seems far less ruthless and actually shows a decent amount of respect to Mob. Something he would never do back in season 2. Despite having nearly bested Mob at 100% last season, it just shows just how much ??? outclasses EVERYONE by it taking on Suzuki without exerting too much effort. Out of everyone, I had hoped that Suzuki would at least be able to put up a decent fight against ???, but even he was just severely outmatched. Granted, I do think he did put up a better fight against ??? than anyone else so far.

It was interesting to see Sho and his dad having to fight together, considering how they were at odds with each other just a season ago where Suzuki nearly killed him at one point. He even went as far as to shield Sho from attack. I have to give Suzuki respect for initially wanting to help Mob by doing the exact same thing he did to save him before. However, his way of thinking is still a little skewed as he believes sacrificing his life will ultimately atone for what he’s done. But with the look of concern on Sho’s face, he seems to realize that there is still a chance for him to make right by his family and chooses to run away from the fight and continue living in hopes of rebuilding what he had destroyed initially. And it’s true that people cannot be held responsible for their actions if they were to just die. Suzuki chose to continue living so that he could ultimately make amends with his family. The only people (besides Mob) who could be there for him. Which again, huge respect. Someone as prideful as he once was even admits that he can’t be as strong as Mob is despite having called him weak when they first met.

And while Suzuki is a very intriguing character, especially seeing the difference in demeanor compared to how he was in season 2, I do admit that I was far less invested in his relationship with Sho. Especially since there didn’t seem to be as much emphasis on it compared to the depth of Ritsu and Mob’s relationship. Which is probably why I’m very disinterested in Sho as a character since we hardly got to know him that deeply. Which is a shame because I feel like he had potential if we got to see more of his past with his dad and the actual struggles he faced because of it. I was far more interested in Suzuki since he is a walking example of how Mob could have become if he hadn’t met the right people. Though I admit I do think his turn around happened a little too easily and fast.

The second biggest highlight in the episode was Ritsu. Of course Ritsu would immediately recognize ???’s presence since that is the reason for his trauma regarding Mob. But despite said trauma and the danger, he still rushes in to try and console him. Ugh, it was honestly heartbreaking how expressive Mob was as a kid until the incident happened. Not to mention just the sheer amount of guilt and responsibility Mob must have felt afterwards. I can’t even imagine what he must have gone through emotionally to just start shutting out his emotions like that as a kid. And even if Ritsu wanted to talk it out with him, I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to understand. Especially not as kids.

The biggest contrast to Ritsu and Mob’s relationship in Season 1 and now is that Ritsu is willing to be there for Mob rather than just putting on a front out of fear. Ritsu wants to be someone Mob can rely on when he needs help and doesn’t want him to continue suffering in silence. He wants Mob to be released from the trauma just as he has. And boy did I feel myself tearing up a little when Ritsu went 100% for the first time all the while crying that he is someone he can be someone Mob can speak his mind with. He realizes that the reason he wanted powers was to be on the same level as Mob, to be his equal so that Mob wouldn’t have to hold back on speaking his mind to him and being someone who could stop him if he went out of control. Sadly, despite being at 100%, there was really only so much Ritsu could do to hold ??? back and ended up being blown away. Thankfully it doesn’t seem as if he was hurt too bad from the fall and for all I know ??? might have gone a bit easier on him due to Mob’s powerful feelings towards his brother. Especially since Ritsu was the only one who didn’t end up getting knocked out or beaten down so much that he didn’t have the strength to continue.

Despite the dangers of ???, Ritsu still acknowledges it a part of Mob that can’t be separated and something they all have to live with. Though it’s still a little confusing on what exactly ??? is since Ritsu sees it as a part of Mob while Mob himself views it as a completely different entity. The way that ??? presents itself in Mob’s consciousness seems similar to a Shadow from the Persona series, believing itself to be “Shigeo Kageyama” and Mob as the “fake” all the while wanting to live freely as it pleases. Not to mention it’s something that Mob suppresses and tries to keep hidden, just like a Persona Shadow. But despite it viewing itself as an individual, it still abides by Mob’s strongest feelings, which was to see Tsubome. And they certainly cranked the creepiness factor up a few notches with Mob starting to crack and fall apart while the pieces fly off and attach itself to ???’s outline of Mob. I do hope they clarify just what exactly ??? is in the next episode because I am both intrigued and confused by it lol. I do really like how ??? is portrayed as a transparent outline of Mob that starts to gain shape with every piece that is broken off of him even if the fact of it taking Mob’s place is terrifying.

While this episode wasn’t as emotionally charged as last week’s, it still kept me intrigued by the different characters and the contrasts to how they were in previous seasons. I am sad that the Body Improvement Club didn’t have a larger role in trying to get through to Mob and their involvement just ended up being call backs to how they were tossed aside by Teru (even down to the hand pushing) and the encounter they had with the Upper echelon guy with how they interlocked hands. While looks up shaved head guy’s name Jun’s words were able to reach Mob, it didn’t stop him from nearly flinging him to his death if not for Ritsu. Though I do wonder why they had Jun of all people be the one to try and snap him out of it instead of the captain. Also how Tsubome is able to stay waiting for Mob despite a disaster happening around her is beyond me. This girl has some thick skin. Looks like next week will be the continuation of this trend of all the call backs with Reigen and Serizawa with the latter even sporting his trademark umbrella that he had in the previous season. And judging from the episode count, next week is going to be the last episode of this series. To which I am pretty sad because I absolutely love Mob, but all good things must come to an end and I do hope they are able to end this series with a satisfying ending.


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