This episode is cut into two different chapters that really have nothing to do with each other (again). Though I guess it shows how two pairs end up growing closer after some bonding time. And while I’m sure everyone is gushing over the Loid and Yor moments, the Anya and Becky half of the episode was one of my favorite chapters in the manga.

After the Fiona fiasco, Yor is still feeling incredibly anxious and depressed over where she fits in in the family anymore. Which causes the overly nosy neighbors to start gossiping about Loid possibly cheating… again. These ladies really need a better hobby. And out of desperation to not have his cover blown, he takes Yor out for drinking… Though I feel like he should have taken her out to dinner first before having drinks, but that’s just my opinion lol. Anyways, due to her ever growing insecurities, Yor immediately thinks that Loid is going to abandon her in favor of Fiona. And while her feelings for Loid may also be a factor, the main thing is her attachment to the family as a whole. She even admits that she has never grown close to anyone besides her brother and because of this growing attachment, she doesn’t want to lose the bond she made with them. Even placing it above her desire of keeping her work a secret as the stronger motivation for wanting to stay with them. Which is honestly incredibly heartwarming, especially coming from someone as apathetic towards others as Yor.

I also think it’s way too soon for Yor to have any serious attraction towards Loid and vice versa. I don’t doubt that she probably has a crush on him and deeply respects him, but I don’t think it’s anything beyond that right now. And while I’m sure everyone and their grandmothers would have liked for Loid to have finished his “proposal” to Yor, I feel like it was best that he didn’t. Especially since he was essentially trying to use her feelings to manipulate her and I’m glad that he ended up getting kicked in the face because of it. Because Yor freaking deserves better than being tricked into a honeypot scheme. Despite the terrible plan Loid attempted, I think it did allow them to actually talk things over and bond through it. Though I really didn’t appreciate how far away the camera was for the Loid resting on Yor’s lap scene. I’m glad that Loid was able to explain to Yor that Fiona would not be a good fit as a mother for Anya and because of Yor’s experience in raising Yuri, she was able to hone the skill of being nurturing. Which is something Anya needs. Hopefully they will come to a point where feelings are genuine, but right now, I feel like they’re still getting to know each other. Though it was pretty hilarious how Loid had to have the talk with her again because she forgot about it after her drunken stupor.

Also I think it’s also important to note that Yor and Anya have both incited feelings of nostalgia in Loid in different ways. Anya reminding Loid of his child self and Yor reminding him of his mother. Both of them seem to tap into the true Loid, which is why they seem to naturally break down his guard by being themselves.

The second half of the episode focuses on Anya and Becky going on a shopping ooting due to Becky’s misconception of Anya’s interest in Damian. The two end up trying on many different outfits and accessories for hours, leaving Anya completely drained by the end of it. To which, SAME girl. Anya and Becky are very different especially when it concerns interests with Becky loving live action dramas and Anya preferring cartoons, but same though. Even Becky starts to feel self conscious about the contrasts and asks if Anya even enjoyed herself, to which Anya immediately perks up and declares she had a lot of fun hanging out with her. It was honestly really cute seeing the two hang out and have fun together especially since Becky is Anya first real friend. While it may have been exhausting, I feel like this experience meant a lot to her. Even going as far as to get matching keychains to commemorate their first outing together as friends.

We definitely get a lot of insight from Becky as a character. While she is this rich girl who was instilled with the value of not making her family look bad, she ended up being somewhat of an outcast. Considering she seemed to hold herself in regards of being “older” than others her age and acts as if she knows everything. She’s definitely more “mature” for her age, especially in regards to her interests as she loves shopping and prefers dramas. Because of this, she ends up not getting along with her peers, viewing them as less mature than her despite being the same age. This was evident in her first interaction with Anya, believing she would have to take it upon herself to watch over her. Which is probably why she felt self-conscious about Anya having fun with her since she has never been able to get along with others her age. I feel like this episode shows that the two are equals with Anya buying her a gift enjoying her time with her despite them having different interests. Not to mention this is probably the first time Becky even went out shopping with a friend or even just having a friend in general, just like Anya. Ugh, I love their friendship.

Though I do wish for Becky to cool it with her crush on Loid.

I feel like I enjoyed the second half of the episode more since I absolutely ADORE Anya and Becky’s friendship as they’re both each others’ first friend. Not to mention their little outing was probably one of my favorite chapters in the manga. While Loid and Yor are also cute, they still have quite a ways to go before they can have a genuine relationship. But they do seem to be going at a nice pace. I feel like this was one of the better slice of life episodes so far in this part of the season as it didn’t feel like a waste of time and allowed growth in character relationships. Looks like next week is the season finale which is most likely going to leave us on a cliffhanger until the recently announced season 2 picks it back up.


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  1. Kazanova

    Loid deserves that kick there. No matter how much I understand how completing his mission is necessary for world peace, I don’t like Loid attempting to take advantage of Yor’s feelings. Now that it comes to this, I’m hoping to see a day when Loid get jealous over Yor being with another man. XD

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