WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OKAY?? WHO??? They did it again! They made everything seem all hunky dory and then the stabbed us in the gut and RAN at the last second! UGHHHHHHHH. I had a feeling something was going to happen, especially since Berry came screaming to me, but I wasn’t expecting THAT. MOB NO!!!! TAT Everything was going too well with all the support, something bad HAD to happen.

Before that accursed ending happened, everything was… kinda not really fine with Mob since he finds out that Tsubome is transferring schools. Which puts a damper on his plans to ask her out before they graduate middle school. So now he’s set to ask her out and oh my sweet summer child… As much as I love Mob and I want to support him, I honestly don’t think Tsubome will return his feelings. Sure they’re childhood friends, but we haven’t really seen them interact at all during the series minus the part where he saved her from embarrassment from her two friends. And even then, it was such a brief moment between the two that I doubt much really came out of it on Tsubome’s side. Not to mention she mentioned that they haven’t talked in a long time, which just hints how much they’ve drifted a part since their childhood days. But I will digress for now.

Out of desperation of not having too much time left, Mob turns to all of his friends for advice on how to ask a girl out. And oh my gosh, literally NONE of his school friends have ever asked someone out because they’re either too focused on club work or… well… glances at the Telepathy Club. Anyways, I’m dying over the fact that none of them have ever asked anyone out before XDDDD. But while they don’t have any truly helpful advice, it’s still really cute that all of them are in full support of Mob and root for him to go for it. Such a guy thing for them to give him a bunch of support slaps XD. Even the Telepathy Club were cheering him on and not just waving off his ambitions and telling him it’s useless like they would have in the first season. Even Tome who has been nothing but blunt with Mob since the beginning even said she will keep her criticisms to herself this time. It’s so heartwarming to see how many people Mob has gotten close to over the seasons.

Also I know he appears briefly, but I was honestly happy to see Takenaka again because I’m simple lol. And every time I see Inukawa, I just feel distressed over what happened to him. Thankfully he doesn’t remember it… BUT I DO.

Over the seasons, Mezato has always kind of annoyed me since she was constantly on Mob’s case because she wanted to make a name for herself by using him in some way. However, this was probably the first time where they’ve interacted where Mezato wasn’t trying to get anything from Mob and gave him some pretty sound advice. Going far as to tell him that he should be emotionally open and accepting considering how distrustful Tsubome seems to be towards others. Giving him a pretty direct answer rather than something obscure or generic.

As blunt as she was, I appreciate Mezato pointing out that Mob needs to stop viewing Tsubome through rose tinted glasses and actually see who she is as a person. Looking back at when Mob thinks about her, it’s always through flashbacks when the two of them were kids. And when she straight up asks him why he likes Tsubome, he couldn’t give her an answer. Even when talking it out to Reigen and Serizawa, he still couldn’t find an exact reason to why he likes her. I feel like Mob is kind of stuck on an idealized version of her from their childhood. There’s never present or recent memories of them interacting. Heck, we’ve only seem them interact like once in present time in the entire series so far. Even from their brief interaction, judging from the conversation, it doesn’t seem like they’ve actually talked in a long time. Most likely having stopped hanging out with each other once Tsubome grew tired of Mob showing her his powers. It’s honestly kind of sad how stuck Mob seems to be when it comes to his feelings for Tsubome.

Speaking of Tsubome, I just felt so bad for her in this episode. Because she’s the “popular girl” in school, she ends up having a conveyor belt of confessions from guys who want to go out with her. To which she promptly rejects them because she doesn’t even know them. It’s like, sure, shoot your shot, but this is just overwhelming and I have to commend her for even having the patience to deal with all that. Get this girl a megaphone so she could just say no to everyone all at once and spare her from having to reject so many people. It’s honestly baffling how all of these guys have the audacity to believe they even have a chance when most of them are people she doesn’t know. Like, bruh, please.

While I have very little faith that Mob’s confession to Tsubome will be successful, it is still very heartwarming to literally all of Mob’s friends root and support him. This whole episode essentially showed just how far Mob has come compared to how he was in the first season. In the first episode of the first season, it showed Mob not really paying much attention to his studies, was terribly out of shape and couldn’t keep up with PE sports and didn’t have any friends. However, in this episode it showed him being more active and attentive in his studies, able to keep up in PE and even catching the soccer ball and kicking it and then showing him interacting with a lot more people. He’s also able to go to his brother and open up about what is on his mind. There were so many callbacks to season one in this episode and it just shows how much he’s grown. We even get to see the lives he has undoubtedly touched through Teru and Minegishi, who now offer their support despite their terrible first impressions. It was really sweet how Minegishi traded Mob for a bigger bouquet. In season one it did feel like he was just existing day to day, but now, he’s living his life and experiencing so many new things. I’m just so proud of him. T^T

After Mob had built up the courage to call Tsubome on the phone and ask to meet in the park where the two used to play. Also I think it’s interesting to note that we never get to hear Tsubome’s replies over the phone, further making it feel like there’s a gap in their relationship since it feels like the series is purposefully avoiding showing the two interact too much. And when we see Mob standing at a crosswalk with that kid no paying attention to traffic, we KNEW something bad was going to happen because of that kid. They first freaked us out when they had that cat almost get run over if not for Mob using his powers to stop it. And then they do the same thing RIGHT AFTER but with that kid who wasn’t paying attention. However, instead of using his powers, Mob darts out and pushes the kid out of the way, getting hit instead. My draw DROPPED when that happened. I honestly couldn’t even believed that happened and I just ended up staring at the screen wide-eyed for at least a minute into the credits. Why didn’t he use his powers again??? Was it because he was holding his bag and didn’t have enough reaction time to drop it and use his powers??? MOB WHY DID YOU RUN OUT INTO THE STREET??? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I’m… I’m speechless. And the arc right before this made us feel like something bad was going to happen and it didn’t (kind of). So then they pulled this crap out again where it’s all happy and then hit us with truck-kun. I think the worst part of this whole thing was seeing how much of Mob’s life had changed and having so many people who support him, only for him to get hit at the end because of careless mistakes. We know that ??? is coming out since it always does when Mob is knocked unconscious and whenever it does, we know things are going to go down. Considering ??? has only showed up a handful of times, it makes sense for the “final boss” of the series to be it since it’s been such an unpredictable enigma. And since Claw had been taken cared of, it would make sense that the danger wouldn’t be external this time. But UGHHHH… I don’t know if I’ll emotionally recover from this…

Please be okay…. T^T


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