It’s finally time for Jack to face Carly, and I gotta say coming back to watch again this brought out a lot more feelings than I anticipated.

Just like Bommer and Kiryu, we saw how Carly who was still conflicted after being resurrected as a Dark Signer was manipulated by the darkness into believing that this ‘enlightenment’ she pulled from her fortune was her ‘ultimate happy ending’ with Jack. We all know that’s definitely not the case, especially – all it did was just draw out the worst of Jack’s character, and isn’t line. He came to realization that the vision she showed him was not the destiny he wanted, and sought to set her straight by bringing back the Carly he had grown to care deeply about. This was honestly a great showing of growth for Jack’s character to care about someone else other than himself. He came into this battle thinking Carly had been one of the victim’s whose souls were absorbed in to the Earthbound monsters, so it’s an understatement to say he was gutted when he heard she had been murdered. It’s one thing to save a living soul, it’s another to save one who had already died.

It was also nice to see a bit of Carly’s backstory, as to how she became the journalist who sought to support duelists who have yet to make a name. It has always been a dream of hers since childhood, and although it doesn’t give her a lot of income, much less recognition in the media field, it’s something that makes her happy.

But mannn… episode 59 was hard to watch, mainly because one, the way Jack and Carly had confessed to each other hold each other at the end there absolutely gets me every. single. time. Yes to the point I actually get teary eyed. Call me overly emotional, but I absolutely adore these two. And sure, their relationship was 100% rushed, and hell– you could say even forced to some extent with how quickly they’ve fallen for each other, but I absolutely loved the soft side that Carly’s character drew out of Jack. And what made it even more beautiful, was how we got to see him putting someone else above his own interest. Though I suppose he cared a bit too much in a sense that he even considered dying alongside her, which was very short-sighted of him, and hardly romantic at all. Carly of course felt the same, as she took action to prevent Shockwave from being used, as she wanted Jack to keep living, and become a King that would bring joy to all– but the point still stands. We got to see Jack care about someone else more than himself for an exchange. It was Jack’s softest moment, and I loved it to bits, I could replay that embrace over and over again and never get tired of it. But at the same time, this episode made me feel even more sad because I know of what becomes of their relationship in the upcoming seasons.

I don’t know what was ever originally planned for them, but as of Season 3 and onward, spoiler alert: they made it as though this episode and their confessions, and even their relationship leading up to this point, never happened. I’ll expand a bit more once we get to that more since that’s not all there is to it, nevertheless, as a Jack x Carly shipper, it was was still gut-wrenching to see. That’s why once the show ended, I honestly found myself wishing that they had preserved this sincere moment by keeping her dead. Supposedly the “root” blame for what becomes of her character lies in her voice actress’ scandal, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts about how their relationship would be handled going forward even if that hadn’t happened. Nevertheless, it’s an understatement to say it’s a shame that it panned out the way it did.

As for Yusei who had fallen into the light of Moment, well uh… he was definitely close to death alright. Took his dad dragging him out of there and shooing away the angry souls of those who had lost their lives from the Zero Reverse tragedy. Not much time was shared between them, but hey, as Lua said, he’s alive, so who cares how got out, right?

Next time, Aki VS Misty, but there’s more trouble on the way…

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