Things are really heating up now! But joking aside, things are definitely not going well for Fushi and the gang. In fact, nothing went right for anyone in this episode… except maybe Todo and even then, she’s in a really bad spot. wasn’t it just last week where we were just going shopping and having fun with a doll? Now, we’re accused of heresy and having a really bad time

As always, we pick up where we left off, which was essentially a marriage proposal from Kahaku… and it feels like that was so long ago. Unsurprisingly, Fushi completely rejects his advances, but it takes a remarkably long time for Kahaku to actually get the message and it was almost scary to watch. Fushi’s initial rejection was fairly tame, essentially telling him that she doesn’t have the same fuzzy feeling as he does, yet he still takes the moment to embrace her, telling her that he can teach her all about love. Then, naturally, things go south from there. Nausea immediately sets in and I’m unsure if this is a reaction from Parona’s body, or Fushi’s own feelings. After running to hide and vomit, Kahaku keeps chasing him down with Hayase’s lust-filled eyes. And honestly, good on Fushi for shutting down Kahaku’s advances, specifically by sharing exactly how Parona died by the hands of his ancestor. I feel bad because I forgot just how messed up her death was – it wasn’t even on screen, but the whole taking her face is still really messed up! And Fushi didn’t even get into the details! Please, Kahaku take this information and change how you approach Fushi in the future! (Also, shoutout to Bon who issues an “unofficial” restraining order on Kahaku.)

That being said, the rest of the episode was not any better for anyone! After arriving in the city, we’re stuck between two ‘religious’ entities. Those who follow and believe in Fushi and the Church of Bennett. It starts out the same as their other visits, but Bon eventually ushers the immortal away when people start asking about bringing people back to life. (And boy does Anna’s revival really, really cause things to go bad for this group). Both Bon and Fushi are eventually tricked by the church. Fushi, fully focused on Bon’s only life rather than caring about his immortal one and Bon more focused on his family and the people of the kingdom (and you can argue about his status for King, but I think he really was more focused on his family and Uralis). And honestly, I’m kind of glad that we went through this episode without one of those, “you sold me out!” “I HAD to, to protect my family” fights. We don’t even get to make it to the part where Fushi and Bon have a conversation because the worst possible outcome happens to them. 

Okay, I guess the worst possible outcome is death, so we haven’t hit that part yet… And I sure hope we don’t hit it next week. Thankfully, Kahaku and Todo are around to see what’s happening and ultimately cause a bit of an uprising in front of the church. Bon fights with Todo instead of Fushi, which is short-lived once the church decides to put Fushi to the test. The one thing I don’t get is why the church wants to put his “revival” abilities to the test, when both Fushi and Bon (albeit Bon knows about the ability) both say that he can’t do that? They’ve been very adamant that he, in fact, cannot raise the dead. Even Anna’s resurrection is just a tale to people, they don’t actually know if that event was true! But now that I think about it, even if he hadn’t brought her back to life, I’m sure the church of Bennett would have done the same thing. And, wow! shocker! Fushi is unable to bring the dead man back to life! He fell right into their hands. A fight happens, Fushi’s in a dead body, Todo is stabbed, Bon is distressed and knocked out, and Kahaku flies away like spiderman.

Which naturally brings us to where we are now. No one is having a good time but it’s pretty safe to say that some of our heroes are having  a little bit worse time than the others. Bon is left hanging in a crate high above a river and at least his saving grace is that Todo is not dead. Then we compare that to Fushi who is quite literally being buried in molten lava, regenerating over and over again, experiencing searing eternal pain. I know he’ll probably never hate anyone more than Hayase, but I think the church has quickly moved up his hit list.  With things going this badly for everyone, I’ll just be happy if everyone can make it out of next week’s episode alive. 


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