We’ve entered into another Fushi training arc, but rather than making another ship, Fushi has made an entire forest. But it’s okay, sometimes I make that same mistake too. 

This was one of those episodes where I felt that a lot happened, but not enough to find something to talk about. Because there were a lot of little things that happened, it really doesn’t feel like we got a consistent thread to follow in this episode and I just wish we had the opportunity to spend more time on something. Bon has gone to talk to the leadership of Renril, trying to warn them about the upcoming threat. He is met with some pushback and ultimately agrees to work with them since the leadership is unwilling to give up their castle to Uralis. Which, when we’re thinking of kingdom politics, that makes a lot of sense, but I have a feeling that’s going to end up being dangerous in the near future. Next, Fushi goes into town and gets yelled at by a stranger after trying to perform a kind act. And that’s one of those moments I wish Fushi had a chance to explore more. Like, he is truly trying to be a good person and help people that are in pain, but it would be pretty cool for him to slowly come to the discovery as to why that woman responded the way that she did. And did he kind of have a moment on the boat where he thought about that? Yeah, but I just wish for more. 

But! Aside from getting yelled at in town he also gets a new companion with Eko! She reminds me a lot of Fushi when we first met him, and if anything bad happens to her I will be very unhappy. She’s a girl who was kidnapped from her home along with her brother and can only communicate via her clay pot. Unfortunately, while Fushi did rescue both of them from the cage, her brother wasn’t able to make it – but on the flipside, Fushi is now able to take his form and communicate with her. But, that does bring up questions for me, because on multiple occasions Eko tried to communicate with Fushi via her pot, but each time he turned down her offer then makes the comment that he can only understand when he is a Clay Pot person. Has Fushi even tried to communicate with her pot by not taking the form of her dead younger brother? It’s one of those things that wasn’t very clearly explained, so I’m going to have questions every time it comes up…

Either way, Eko is now our companion and even if she never learns to communicate with Fushi via traditional means, I’m happy to have her for the ride. She seems a fun addition to the group even if Kahaku thinks that she doesn’t bring any value with her — well, she doesn’t bring battle value with her. That or he might just be jealous that there’s another person who could potentially pine after Fushi’s affections, but no offense Kahaku, as long as you’re attached to Hayase you’re not going to get the romance story you want. Eko on the other hand is just here to explore the new world around her! I was a little worried they were going to play the timid child trope with her, but I’m very excited to see that she’s generally excited to explore the world around her. Yes, bad things happened to her previously, but she still smiles when she gets new clothes or explores a new place! She’s just living her best life trying to make friends with a cat. Welcome to the party Eko!

The next episode seems like it will be interesting! Bon has once again separated from the group and it appears that he is looking for more immortals. Now, I have the question of ‘Did they ask the man in black if there were more immortals in the world?’ because that might have saved some travel time if he was able to tell them no from the get go. Still, if he does end up finding someone, it’s probably going to cause more trouble than help for a while. Bon, I hope you don’t become our enemy. 


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!

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  1. Rony-chan

    I’m quite excited for the next episode, and I do think Bon will really find one or two immortals to be their friends.. though it seems it will not be such a good thing for some reasons that we will get to know..

    1. Quietcupcake

      It would be really interesting if he does find some Immortals! There are so many different ways they can go about handling it. As much as I want Fushi to find people like him and learn from them, meeting others could cause some problems down the line. I’m excited to see what happens !

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