Welp, the Nokkers succeeded in their attack and while it was technically a defeat for them, they managed to do substantial damage to Fushi. Some of the dear friends we’ve made along the way have turned into nothing more than fragments of imagination which only makes me more desperate to get them back and keep the ones we still have safe (Bon and Kahaku included). 

Unlike previous episodes, this one dove more into the action aspect of the series. There weren’t as many heart to hearts or deep conversations that happened. Sure, Fushi did learn some things along the way, but this was out of necessity to defeat the Nokkers. I’m going to apologize in advance, but it’s hard for me to write when it comes down to strict action. I liked the episode, but I don’t have more to say about some events other than, “wow! explosions! cool!” and a good chunk of this episode kind of boiled down to that. If you ask me, I think the episode’s pacing was a little rough, but I can’t tell if that was on purpose. We start the episode off in the city where we had… a lot of trouble where Fushi is taking on different forms in an attempt to save the people of the city. Many of them end up leaving the city eastward, like Fushi tells them to do, but many others decide to go to the church for safety. And… man…. I have to be honest. The church always rubs me the wrong way! I know that they are supposed to, but man! If a god has given you tools to be safe, why would you demand more miracles from them? I feel bad for these people when they end up dying! But at the same time, I just can’t believe the church does nothing to help them!

I mean, Fushi has to take on the form of a dead papal member to stop the pontiff from making absurd decrees. I don’t know how many people he saved, but surely more than the pontiff who said “God has chosen. Close the doors”, like excuse me?? I’d love to see how the church of Bennett fairs in future episodes. Granted, Fushi, while not revealing himself to anyone, is only able to save so many people and in the process he does end up killing more. I just wish that we could have felt more of the aftermath of his actions!! Fushi was trying so hard to protect humans and yet he ended up killing some in order to protect himself. We know he has survivor’s guilt from a ton of other situations, but this is one where he actively made the decision to let others die for the benefit of others. I just need to know how he’s processing it!

Instead, we are quickly reminded that the Nokkers are able to steal away Fushi’s friends. Or at the very least, his ability to become them. It’s shown later that Bon is still able to communicate with them as only their physical form and not their soul has been taken away. And honestly! It hurts!! I’ve already watched so many of these characters die heart-wrenching deaths, and then to just have them go *poof* really rubs salt in open wounds. And then to have Fushi fed lies by the Nokkers that we can get them back? I’ve been strung along too much. I just want Gugu back. 

And it truly is a bummer that by the end of the episode, we don’t get anyone back. But at the very least, due to some  training by the man in black, Fushi was able to remember Pioran. I don’t know if that means he only remembers her, or everyone else, but I sure hope he’s able to recover the memory of everyone, even if their impact on him wasn’t as strong as some of the others. I hope we get answers soon, because until then it’s just seemingly Fushi and Horse hanging out together and training. Bon and Kahaku have left to make preparations and I just desperately hope that they both can stay alive. Bon has more of a fighting chance because it seems Kahaku and the Nokker have targets on their back. Good luck to everyone involved. 


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!