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With her goal set in mind, Mitsuha didn’t waste any more time and immediately gathered information about the world she’s in so she can deduce what product from her world that would be popular and best to purchase for sale. I like how this episode addresses the issues of the medieval setting of the other world, hence, limiting what Mitsuha can or cannot do without modern technologies when she’s there. Mitsuha must run her brain to device the best marketing strategy so she can climb her way to richness. I can especially sympathize with the bathroom problem, I am so relieved that I was born in this era.

But not enough with just that, Mitsuha also decide to take training in shooting and self-defense, knowing how much more dangerous the other world is considering its medieval setting. For a girl in barely her late teens, Mitsuha is by no means a naive girl. She doesn’t hesitate to resort to bribe a soldier to get the lesson she wants from the real professional, and I can tell that if it’s necessary, Mitsuha can and would kill.

On the topic of soldier, this episode introduced Wolfgang Capitain, one of my favorite characters when I read the manga. Though I can understand that the gold Mitsuha brought was real and worth a lot, I’m still a bit surprised that Wolfgang just accept it without questioning Mitsuha further. Yes, he sent a man to keep an eye on her, but I actually expected him to grill more info from Mitsuha, who is not only a civilian young girl but her petite figure may cause people to mistake her as even younger than she actually is. I wonder if this is the case of what matters is money to him and his team.

When I first reached this part, I thought the story would spend more of Mitsuha’s time in the village and the military base, but Mitsuha sure didn’t wait long and quickly made her move once she thinks she got enough information. She bought a complete set of cosplay costumes and made herself look like a noble. The next episode would finally animate one of my favorite chapters where Mitsuha takes full advantage of her knowledge and hidden identity as a resident from other world. XD

I’m actually starting to question the term of otaku in this series. I only know otaku as someone who loves anime, manga, etc. But Mitsuha’s brother shows knowledge that I’m not sure is really common for an otaku to have. Mitsuha’s memory of her brother became something like this overpowered knowledge that happens to be convenient for Mitsuha’s situation. Not that I mind, just curious. Plus, that deceased otaku brother of hers actually helped Mitsuha moving the story forward. I feel it’s too bad that he’s already dead. I can imagine how even funnier it would be if Mitsuha’s brother is alive and got Isekaid along with her. The brother-sister duo would no doubt develop even a greater scheme together to become rich if that happen. LOL


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