Damn, I’m almost mad that they ended it there! This was certainly the moment where we can all be glad that Challe isn’t the type to obey and that Anne isn’t insane enough to use his wing to force him to go after Jonas and retrieve her work. After-all, what good would it do for her work to be retrieved if she were to be mauled to death? So yeah, Challe is absolutely the one making the right call to stay and protect her from the wolves.

Man that was such a dickass move from Jonas. Not only did they frame the innocent Mithril Lid Pod, rob Anne of her beautiful sugar confectionery she was going to submit to the competition, but he also stole her mother’s wagon (which also holds her designs) to do it AND had Cathy freaking THROW BLOOD ALL OER HER on her to make her bait for the wolves!!!! I remember when I first read this part I admirably gasped, “EW EW EW EW EW EW!!! LIKE WHAT THE HELL, THAT’S SO GROSS!!!!” This is just another example of how this series turns bloody when you least expect it to.

Anyhow, it’s pretty clear at this point that Jonas never actually loved her. The only reason why he kept grossly going after her and wouldn’t take no for an answer was simply because of two reasons: He wanted her to drop her guard around him so he could successfully pull off the robbery(which he successfully pulled off), he wanted her to hopelessly fall in love and marry him that he could manipulate her into making a beautiful confection that he’d then use to submit to the competition. But for a guy who dreams to become a Silver Sugar Viscount who serves the royal family, I find it rather rich of him to steal one’s creation and think his own work will fly afterwards. Otherwise what was he gonna do, keep stealing from others? Well I guess that’s where the marriage plan comes into play.

It’s fair to say week was certainly a slower episode in a sense of not too much going on, though makes sense given it was the lull period between the crisis of being told that her work is a clear imitation of her mother’s creations, and then having the piece she finally made stolen from her. But it was thanks to being demoralized by Hugh’s judgment that prompted Challe to open up to her by explaining why he knows things will get better for her in a couple of years based on watching how Liz (Elizabeth) who bore Challe with her gaze grew up.

Based on the little bit we know of, Liz was a noble child who for certain circumstances was raised away from society. Being a five years old, and knowing nothing about the existence of fairies, Liz had thought Challe was her older brother and brought him back to the mansion with her where they lived together for fifteen years. Then some point after that, she had been tragically murdered by Humans– possibly by the very ones who were the reason why she had been raised outside of society in the first place. Challe didn’t mention whether he had been there or perhaps was elsewhere at the time of her death. This relationship however shows that Challe had point had a precious bond with a Human, one that was akin to family, and rather than losing her to an illness or old age, it was Humans who took that away from him. So his general mistrust and bitterness towards Humans isn’t just because they robbed him of his freedom and use him as a tool, but also because of their involvement with Liz’s death.

That said, although Anne can’t help but feel a little jealous of hearing about the bond that Challe had shared with Liz, we can clearly see Challe is starting to warm up to her. The fact he was even willing to share that story about Liz in the first place is proof of that. We also got to see him genuinely smiling at her, which was honestly endearing to see. It was cute of him how he can smell the Silver Sugar from her, she thought it was coming from her clothes, but he says it’s from her fingers, which to an extent one could interpret that to as a means to say she was born to be a Sugar Artisan.

And finally to wrap things up, the fellow travellers Hugh and his partner Salim sure made a ruckus today. I don’t think anyone actually expected him to freaking smashing their creations with his fist. Honestly it’s an understatement why Anne was so upset about it. I mean, you just put your heart into it and then the guy who asked you to make it freaking DESTROYED IT and decides to drops critique bombs on them. At least he ate the pieces, but STILL, THE POINT STILL STANDS!!!

Overall slow, but good episode, which is what I expected, but we’re almost done this volume so we’ll see if it gets wrapped up within the next episode or they decide to push it to episode 5. I think they’ll look to try and finish it by episode 4 though. That’s all I got to say for this week, until next time!


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