The second episode focuses on the political exposition regarding Erebonia after they annexed Crossbell. The higher-ups of North Ambria, as stated in the previous episode, were discussing the likely possibility of North Ambria being the next target for Erebonia to annex. This is a logical conclusion to reach as Erebonia made their expansionism blatantly clear. It can’t be helped they became wary and started getting any measure they can to ensure North Ambria won’t share the same fate as Crossbell. However, there’s one person who is so adamant in not staying still, Rogan. To him, any effort to of negotiating with surrounding region to favor North Ambria is a cowardly tactic and they should just go straight conducting preemptive attack on Erebonia. Obviously, that sounds more like a suicide given North Ambria’s current state compared to Erebonia’s military might. For Rogan to suggest so, I’m wondering if he’s either have something behind his sleeve or he’s just downright desperate.

We’re then introduced to new main characters, Talion and Iseria. I don’t know yet what to think about Talion, but Iseria got my attention. She seems cheerful but the way she said that all their actions would eventually be meaningless gave me the impression that she’s realistic. It’s like, she knows that the result of their actions won’t change, but she’s content just waiting for what she believed to be inevitable. We’re also introduced to Marty, Lavi and the others’ commanding officers, who appears to be the lazy type but someone they know they can count on when the situation calls for it. Like Talion, I can’t say much about him just yet.

I appreciate that we have more Lavi content in this episode. We can see that she’s well-liked among the Jaegers who praised her for being a genius due to her skill. And as I expected, Lavi is not the type who cares for fame or an attention-seeker. Rather, Lavi’s only focus is achieving her goal. While it’s still not reveal exactly what her goal is, it’s obvious it has something to do with her grandfather being branded as a hero who abandoned his country. The flashback shows how Lavi emphasize that she’s not like her grandfather. Maybe she’s trying to get out from the shadow of her grandfather? Seeing Lavi’s photo with her grandfather cracked seems to all the more symbolize her broken feeling for and relationship with her grandfather. It must be hard for Lavi after what happened with her grandfather, but it doesn’t stop her from walking her own path.

Didn’t expect that Campanella would make an appearance this fast. Not only that, he’s in cahoots with Jayna and Dren, two of the North Ambria higher-ups, meaning this is all part of Ouroborous’ grand plan, including sending Lavi and her team to investigate Rean. With their enemies have already pulling the strings from within North Ambria, I can only think things won’t end as Lavi and her friends expected. Speaking of Jayna, she’s the most interesting among the anime characters so far, especially with the way she’s able to exert her authority and intimidate Iseria and Talion. I’m looking forward to see how she’ll do as an antagonist.


Unlike the first two episodes, there’s nothing much happened in this one, and instead it highlights Lavi and her team’s dynamic in more light-hearted approach. Because they’re ordered to infiltrate a party, they spent some times to pick up outfit that would be good for infiltration, which is pretty much no different from shopping. For all her seriousness, it’s a breathe of fresh air to see Lavi acting less stiff like she always did in the previous episodes. It’s funny to see her being made to dress up in many outfits by Iselia and how deadpan her reaction is. Not forgetting that their different sense of fashions. It’s cute to see Talion choosing a shirt with Mishy design. XD

Not finish with that, we got to see Lavi actually being far more relaxed than what I initially expected her to be. Since this is considered a mission, I thought Lavi would be the one to be all serious and edgy, telling her friends to focus and not letting their guard down. Contrary to this, Lavi is actually much more chill in this so-called infiltration mission, taking a walk around town and buy herself popcorn and ice cream while using the excuse that it’s part of mission to check the condition and situation the town they’re infiltrating while Iselia and Marty were at the party. It’s Talion that has to look and chase after Lavi.

I have to say that Talion is a much more interesting character in this episode than how he showed himself in his debut episode. He’s a nice guy and genuinely cares for Lavi more than just a superior-subordinate relationship. In regards to their relationship, Lavi is serious and strict of herself, so she never feel the same pleasantness that Talion feels when someone thanked or praised him, in fact she straight out said that it’s stupid to feel so, which offended Talion. However, she is very aware of this side of her and so she entrust Talion to “feel those emotions in her stead”. I believe this is Lavi’s way to tell Talion that she trusts him.

The conflict in this episode didn’t hit me much and the villains of the day didn’t evoke much feeling in spire of their supposed sympathetic motive. I’m not sure what they’re trying to do to throw in some seemingly random villains into this episode. To show how class gap is evident in Erebonia like it did in the game? To give a reason for Altina to be suspicious of Lavi and her team?

Overall, I enjoyed this episode solely for the slice-of-life part where Lavi and Talion doesn’t have to worry about being ambushed by their enemies and just enjoy themselves like any other people. It helps showing more of their characters and their relationship.


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