This week we got to get to know a little bit more about LEGIT. It was the kind of episode that served as a lesson to the kind of dynamics and headbutts one could, or rather should expect to run into going forward. The importance of their bond and understanding of one another is another big factor of that. And that is exactly why Fuga isn’t concerned about the way Eishiro and Daiki constantly clash with each other, nor does he intervene. These two go back all the way to childhood, where they attended the same dance school. Fuga on the other-hand has only known them for the three years they’ve worked together as AneLa’s backup dancers while doing their own gigs. It was only after AneLa retired that they decided to debut as an united unit.

I will say though, I did find it rather interesting how differently Banri, Chihiro and Akira had thought of Fuga. Banri’s original impression (before getting to know him) was that Fuga was scary, whereas for Akira, he had always thought the guy seemed to be kind. Chiiro on the otherhand thought of him as elusive. I did snort when Banri said Fuga is known for being sexy and wild– yeahhhhh I don’t really see that at the moment, so I kind of snorted when he said that. Maybe we’ll see exactly how he got that reputation in the first place…at least the wild part because I definitely don’t see that coming from him (and certainly not from today’s LIVE either). So I would say, my impression of Fuga is more so a combination of Akira’s and Chiiro’s. He’s good at blending himself into the background when he wants to, and seems to be the type of guy who has enough tact and understanding to know it’d be better to just let Eishiro and Daiki blow-off steam with each other than to intervene. So he just patiently waits it out. Needless to say, this episode revolved around Eishiro’s and Daiki’s relationship, so Fuga was kind of left out in-between.

Although I say that, now that I think about it: Daiki didn’t get a whole lot of attention either. The only edge he has is that at least, we got to lhear about why he and Eichiro wanted to become idols. Albeit for different reasons, Both of them want to reach the top, and Eichiro is willing and ready to support Daiki in doing that. And I hope that they are willing to dig a bit deeper into Daiki’s character as well because I can’t help but feel like there’s more to it as to why he wants to reach the top. Is it just for his own self-satisfaction? Or is there something more? (Such as being acknowledged for the work he put into it, not because he’s some genius as the kids at the dance school would say he was). He made the point of wanting to make sure he can accept who was yesterday and can still accept himself tomorrow. In other words, he doesn’t want to have regrets. So hopefully he and Fuga won’t be left in the dust, but I don’t plan to hold my breath for it.

Side note: Turns out, yes, Daiki does in fact go to the same school as Akira. I do wonder whether it’s wildly known among the students that he’s an idol as he actually looks a bit different when he’s wearing glasses.

Eichiro on the other hand, I legit (I’ll see myself out) burst out laughing when Eishiro said his reason for becoming an idol was to become Prime Minister. He is dead serious about it, and even calls their fans his “backers”. It’s something that popped up when Daiki and Eishiro were kids, and he had spotted him still practising after their dance lessons. Daiki dreams to reach the top, and didn’t laugh at Eishiro for his reasons.

As for the LIVE, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but otherwise was pretty good and enjoyed it. I really liked that they played around with the camera angles for the choreography, it makes it a whole lot more dynamic! Actually, I was half curious to see if there was a full version available yet, and while it’s not, they did however upload the performance to UniteUp! Official Youtube Channel. So I’ll drop it here for you to get a taste of too if you haven’t started watching the videos yet. Ah, now that I’m looking through their channel, seems they have AneLa as well, so I’ll go back drop that into the first episode entry as well.

Besides LEGIT, our trio finally got to meet JAXX/JAXX for the first time before the live. They certainly comes off as a friendly and lively bunch, though we definitely have one trickster on our hands (Gakuto). Goodness, the stupid spider prank equally startled me as much as it did to Daiki and Izumi. But it’s his way of helping ease the nerves before a performance, which he suspected was the case since LEGIT was dead silent and in focus mode when everyone came in to greet them.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m actually glad we haven’t nosedived into the whole trainee arc just yet. Lin is currently easing them into it as he has outlined what they training consists, then giving them the opportunity to see what’s a LIVE performance is like. And sure enough, Akira became starstruck by Daiki and is now his fan. It’s funny because his mom asked him if he could get his autograph so they could hang it in the bathhouse, but Akira wasn’t particularly keen on asking since it Daiki comes off as hard to approach, but none of that matters now, as a new fan, he wants it!

Finally to wrap things up: I really enjoyed the bit with Crossfire, which turned out to be a space baseball series and honestly it was quite fun to to watch the anime inception going on here. And real talk: I’d watch that if it were an actual series. It was equally as fun and endearing to watch Akira and Banri be such fanboys about it, going as far to recite the lines and such. Chihiro never watched it so he didn’t understand why Naoe was so emotional about it, but it was so funny how the other two were like, ‘OH MY GOD YOU NEED TO WATCH IT, LET’S DO IT TOGETHER– HEY EISHIRO WANT TO JOIN US?‘ HAHAHAHA!

Well, that’s all I got to say for this week, I’ll see you next time!

UPDATE: No new episode next week, Episode 4 is being delayed till February 11th.


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