First of all, I apologize for the delay. I have a lot of things to do lately and there are still more in the future, but I can still find time to write, so I’ll continue writing the ones I’m going to cover this season until the end.

Alright, this anime is adapted from a light novel, but just like many light novel, I actually never read it and only read the manga due to limited novel translation that I could find. This is the type of Isekai novel that I like, especially with how it focused on comedy, plus it also features a female main character without annoying unnecessary fanservice that usually sexualized female characters.

The protagonist of the series is Mitsuha Yamano, a normal girl who just lost her entire family in a car accident only recently, leaving Mitsuha all alone to fend for herself. Being a high-school girl who only has her parents’ inheritance to live, Mitsuha found herself with financial problem. One day, when she was accidently got pushed down the cliff, she got transported to another world. It turns out that her strong will to live has inadvertently stolen part of a power from an interdimensional being, but the said being allows her to have the power so she can travel between the two worlds. Finding gold coins are used as currency in this alternate world, Mitsuha takes this opportunity to amass 80,000 gold coins that equals to 2 billion yen in her world so she can live a carefree life of retirement.

In spite of the tragedy that befalls on her, Mitsuha doesn’t let it get over his head, instead she focused on how to move forward with her own two feet. This is the first thing I like about Mitsuha. She doesn’t wallow in self-pity, but rather trying to strengthen herself and protect whatever she has left. All the more impressive, despite her petite figure, Mitsuha has no hesitation to help people even if it means fighting against a wild hungry wolf.

Usually, in many isekai stories, the protagonist would become this overpower character with many overpower skill, but that wasn’t the case with Mitsuha. The only power she has is the power to travel to between her world and the other, and also the ability to understand and speak in any language. For the rest, Mitsuha relies on the knowledge that she learned from her otaku brother and her own wit to survive in the alternate world. I’m already bored with so many overpowered isekai protagonist, so Mitsuha is a change that I need.

However, like several anime these days, I have disappointment from this debut episode. It cut many things that could’ve shown how badass Mitsuha is, especially the change that’s made during the wolf fight. The anime decided to tone down to make her fight little to no bloody instead of having Mitsuha truly risking her life to defeat the wolf by putting her own arm into the wolf’s mouth and then stab it repeatedly with a knife. The latter is much cooler, but can’t say that I didn’t expect the anime to change it. When it comes to anime, censorship is common.

Overall, not bad for a first episode. Mitsuha is still the same loveable heroine that I love like in the manga, and I wish to watch more of her plans for retirement in future episodes.

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