The preparations for the attack on Renril continue, but Fushi isn’t all too thrilled about the developments. Bon has returned with three individuals to fight alongside them, but they are unfortunately not the immortals that Fushi was looking for. Instead, they are simply humans who have the potential to be immortal. 

Overall, I really like this episode because it puts a strain on Bon and Fushi’s relationship, but not enough for the two to enter into a physical fight. Because Bon knows what Fushi can do, he begins making his own plans without letting Fushi understand what is going on. On the flip-side, Fushi feels betrayed because to him, Bon is asking him to use humans as weapons. And I get it. First off, Fushi still doesn’t know that he can bring people back to life. Second, Fushi has really started to appreciate human life and the thought of just using them for combat seems really cruel. However, I am looking forward to how all three of them talk about their lives and their willingness to support either Bon or Fushi in their battles. 

I really liked the way Bon moved about this episode. I don’t think he’s actively trying to harm the group or do anything bad, but because he is keeping secrets and not wholly following the idea that everyone wants to live it makes him seem like he is in the wrong. And maybe he is! It is very possible for his entire plan to go very badly and bringing in the three potential immortals will actually cause a lot of harm. However, at least he is trying to come up with solutions to their situation. Fushi still has vessels to use, but he’s short on vessels that can actually fight. Though, I think it would be pretty funny if Boozeman turned out to be so OP that he’s the key to defeating the Nokkers. 

Ah! But let’s talk a little bit about the three people that Bon brought back. First we have Kai Renald Rawle, one of the Uralis knights and the one who got the most time in this episode. Kai is the only knight who stepped out during the questioning session and was able to identify Bon as Bon. I like that he was able to show loyalty by being dishonest in the crowd. I also like that we are able to learn about his history and the fact that there isn’t anyone that is tying him to the world right now. He grew up in a rather unfortunate circumstance with an abusive father, but eventually lost his home due to the Nokker’s attack. Then, he joined the Knights until he was the last one standing. He’s proven his loyalty to Bon, Fushi, and Uralis by being the only one to pass the test. Second we have Hario Rich, someone who committed apostasy (shout out to the anime for teaching me new words) against the Church of Bennett. We actually don’t get to spend much time with him in this episode, so I am excited to see what he brings to the table next week. And last but not least, we have Messar. Who, as far as I can tell, is just some guy living his life. Bon calls him cunning, but I’m interested to know exactly what he means by that. He seems much rougher and coarser than the other two, so I’m hoping he can knock a little bit of sense into Fushi. Or at the very least, maybe they can play a game of Mills together. 

Aside from meeting some new potential immortals, we also go and speak with the Queen of Renril to discuss what is needed in the fight against the Nokkers. Overall, it’s pretty diplomatic until Fushi gets gutsy enough to ask for all of Renril. But, that does tie in very nicely with the game he ends up playing with Kai. Do I understand the rules? No, but I like the discussion that it may be wiser to wait rather than move into action too early. Not that Fushi really listened. Bon showed up and Fushi remembered that he was mad at him, so he heads off into the corner of the city to investigate something that caught Eko’s eyes. Turns out the water wheel house collapsed and in return for fixing it he requested to use the area behind it as his home base – and to be honest! I was not expecting the place where he stayed with Gugu to appear! It was a pleasant surprise. 

I’m excited to see how everything develops next week! Things are heating up and I hope that Fushi and gang can reach a mutual understanding before they start losing more trust in each other!


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