Mitsuha finally open her store and already imagined having many customers coming to buy the modern tools she sell that no doubt would be convenient for them and earned her money. Unfortunately, reality is harder than what she has imagined as her store barely has any customer. When she finally got her first customers, the items she’s selling were met with skepticism and they themselves didn’t have enough money to buy one. It also didn’t help that Mitsuha’s petite look made them mistook her a child not old enough to run a shop. Not wanting to lose her very first customers, Mitsuha gave them a service free of charge in hope they’ll help advertise her shop through word of mouth. Though she succeeded in entertaining them, the modern tools she used to cook gave them the impression that Mitsuha is a witch. Considering the era they’re living, it’s normal for them to think so.

However, Mitsuha’s hard work to please them didn’t end in vain. Coincidently, her first three customers were female servants of a Viscount Family and they were impressed by her hair shampoo, accessories, and chocolates that she gave for the girls for free. The head chef, in particular, became curious after tasting the chocolate that the girls brought for him to taste, so he visited Mitsuha’s store to see for himself what kind of person the owner of the store is and what she’s selling.

The chef’s arrival was a good thing for Mitsuha. It’s revealed that Mitsuha didn’t do her homework properly enough. She only learned about the currency and the Viscount’s family, but not the capital itself. Mitsuha served dishes made from fresh fish, which was supposed to be impossible because it would take 10 days by wagon from a seaside fishing village to the capital. This was a good lesson for Mitsuha to be more careful with purchasing items before reselling them.

Aside from making her learned her wrong purchase, the chef finally became the very first customer who bought and paid cooking utensils from her shop. Mitsuha has proven herself that she has what it takes to be a shopkeeper and manager. She acknowledged the blacksmith’s efforts in forging the cooking knife that the chef took interest in while also elevating the chef’s self-worth, touching the chef’s heart enough to purchase the knife. Despite her age, as Mitsuha has touched his heart, the chef trusted her to confide with his problem of preparing dishes for Viscount Liner’s daughter, Adelaide’s, debutante party. A socializing debut party is very important to a noble girl, and he is not confident he can make dishes good enough to compare with veteran chefs.

Mitsuha’s kindness mixed with her opportunistic side didn’t waste time to give a consultation service for Viscount Liner family to both help the lady’s debutante and also gaining profit by spreading her influence to attract more customers to her store within the noble society. This arc is one of my most favorite part so far in the story. It’s so much fun seeing Mitsuha helping Adelaide’s party a success. No way I’m gonna miss the next episode. XD


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