This episode can pretty much be split into two parts: Eko!! Eko!! Look at her go!! and Fushi’s identity is finally revealed to the people of Renril.  And truthfully, it might be kind of hard to talk about this episode because there was such a core split and Eko, as much as I love her, doesn’t do much talking. 

But with that! Let’s go ahead and talk about her because I love that she’s gaining some independence! I’ve always seen Eko like a cat that spends time with the party. I love that she’s here and she, for the most part, brings a lot of joy to the group. She’s always just done her own thing while everyone else is fortifying Renril, so I was a little taken back when Fushi scolded Kahaku for not keeping track of her because “she can’t do anything”. Like yes, she probably needs some supervision, but she’s her own person! Though, it’s kind of funny that Fushi gets upset about Eko roaming around on her own, and then the next day she’s once again roaming around on her own. So either, Kahaku is a bad supervisor or Eko’s just really sneaky and here to have a good time. Maybe both are true. Either way, she’s doing her best to help the people of Renril, she’s moving rubble and saving the city’s water supply. She’s helping everyone in the moment while everyone else is working towards the future. Also, shout out to her for making Hot Pot!! I’m proud of her even if Fushi didn’t seem to believe in her abilities when he arrived back at the house. 

After that, we spend a lot more time with Fushi who is still building houses and then popping out of the walls and falling on his face. Fushi, I know you’re immortal and can withstand that sort of humiliation, but could we… maybe be a little more graceful? I cannot take you seriously when you just flop on the ground. Anyways, he’s getting exhausted building all these buildings and maintaining the connection and keeping it all a secret from the people of Renril. It’s tiring stuff, but I also hope this will help Fushi understand that it’s impossible for him to prevent all forms of suffering in the world. It’s a huge bummer that he can feel both pain and love, but a small trip or a cut is not as life threatening as broken bones or being stuck under an item. I don’t blame him for wanting to help everyone, I’m just scared that he might do a 180 and just give up on protecting humanity. I feel like his emotional state is so up in the air right now, that he might just give up on the Nokkers because he feels like he can’t do anything. That would be a terrible outcome from all of this!! I don’t think it will happen, but I can still be stressed out about it. 

On that note, though… Fushi is eventually discovered by the soldiers after Kamu decides to be a little sketchy and use the transformation powers to woo a girl. Did it work? No, but mostly because Fushi’s rope really causes problems. Either way, people get a little suspicious and start talking about the immortal being that the Church of Bennett was talking about for so long. Honestly, I can’t remember how Renril feels about the church… I don’t see any clergy members wandering about, but I also know that they have a pretty big impact and sway over the world in general. Either way, Fushi is supposed to be dead so him being back definitely throws some things up in the air. However, I guess it’s a good thing he went and helped all those people because the major stressor of this episode was really solved without much conflict. “He’s a nice guy!!” “Hmm… yeah, now that I see who he transformed into, he helped me”. And that was that. They have loyalty to the immortal now, so I guess we’re winning. 

With each episode I’m getting more on edge for the Nokker fight. I keep thinking something big and dramatic is going to happen, but it ends up being fairly tame only for another cliffhanger that makes me nervous for the next week. I’m just curious how much more set up we will have – as far as I can see, we’ve met everyone for the ending and if they are all going to die I am not ready. Bon already died once and I don’t know if I can go through losing him again. But it seems like our three new party members will have to make their decision in the next episode. I only expect Messar to put up any sort of fight. He has something that he wants to protect, while the other two no longer have anything tying them to the world. Though, I’m hoping for some emotions to go wild next week. Good luck, Fushi! Things seem to be going well for you, which naturally means something bad is bound to happen !!


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