Wow! Season 2 really didn’t beat around the bush! We were thrown right back into the action and unsurprisingly nothing is going well for Takemitchy… well, except for the fact that he is not dead. Though, based on his breakdown in the interrogation room I have a feeling he would rather have had Kisaki take the shot. 

Happy Tokyo Revengers Season 2 everyone!! I’m super excited to see what sort of chaos is going to happen this season. I sure hope that all of my favorite characters make it out alive hahaha. Please, Takemitchy, protect everyone because I cannot go through another Baji incident especially since I know that we cannot save him at this point. And speaking of Baji, hey Takemitchy you really blew your last time travel event didn’t you? Sure we were able to take care of a few things, but in the end the outcomes are still the same. Draken is on death row, Akkun and Hina are dead, and Mikey is nowhere to be seen. From an outsider’s perspective, everything that you’ve done only seems to make things worse… not that it’s entirely your fault. How are you supposed to know what’s going to happen with the butterfly effect? 

I guess that’s where your “friends” come in. Even though Chifuyu, Draken, Pah-chin, and Pey-yan are all dead (or going to be dead) we still have some people who can knock some sense into you, namely Kazutora. And I’m not going to lie! When I saw him I absolutely thought he was Baji for a minute which only made me sad. Still, Kazutora is able to both beat you up and give you the breakdown on the current state of Toman. Basically, everything got worse!! Mikey changed significantly and Kisaki and the Black Dragon members have turned Toman into nothing more than a criminal ring – directly going against the original purpose of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Thankfully, we find out that after Kazutora got out of prison  he and Chifuyu have been working together to bring a lot of Kisaki & Toman’s antics to light. It’s impressive that Chifuyu is so dedicated to what he wants to do – I really hope that we can keep him safe in this next go around. After all, if it weren’t for Chifuyu, it would have been a lot harder for us to reunite with Naoto. 

Ah, speaking of Naoto, I had completely forgotten that he’s also able to remember things that have changed from the past. When Takemitchy was first arrested, I was worried that we were no longer going to have an ally on our side. And truth be told, I am very surprised that Naoto is still willing to be our ally. His sister has died so many times and Takemitchy is still unable to keep her safe. He keeps managing to solve different problems, but the big overarching problem still persists and that must be really frustrating. That being said, I really liked the moment they had in the interrogation room. Takemitchy was absolutely falling apart after figuring out the role he played in this current timeline and yet, Naoto is still able to point out everything that Takemitchy managed to change. When they first started all of this, they didn’t know most of the players involved. They thought Mikey to be the ultimate evil but there is just so much more going on under the surface. Even though the outcomes only seem to be worse or never change, they are even closer to getting to the root of the problem. And currently that root is still Kisaki. 

Hopefully, we’ll get to learn a whole lot more about Kisaki’s obsession with Mikey and Hina, but he better have a good reason for causing this much trouble. It’s impressive that no matter how much has changed, we still get the same outcome. 

Overall, this was a solid start to season 2! It’s a continuation of where we left off from season 1, so I might have to re-watch a bit to catch myself up again. I hope Takemitchy is able to change the future for the better, but seeing as he hasn’t been able to change the final outcome I’m just going to hope that he doesn’t mess up that badly. At the very least, I hope everyone is able to come out alive. But for now he’s preoccupied on his bowling date with Hina. After the first half of this episode, I think he does deserve that break. Good luck, Crybaby Hero!!

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of Blogging: Absolutely!


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