How on earth was this only 20 minutes? I am not okay. No one is okay.

What a doozy of an episode. After the ending we got last week, the stakes are still pretty high and I don’t know how I feel about it! March continues to plead with Kahaku to spare Fushi though her attempts are unsuccessful. I’m glad that Kahaku at least had the sense to try to cut off his arm. We probably should have done that a long time ago… but I’ll give him a pass, only because it was acting as our ally for so long. Also, Kahaku did previously hug Fushi when she was Parona, if the Nokker wanted to, it could have attacked then. Either way, we are down an immortal and an arm. But! We also find out the horse is immortal??? I knew the horse was different, but I’m curious to know what her purpose is in the story (aside from barging in whenever something bad is going to help Fushi). But MAN I feel so bad for March in this entire episode. She was so close to finding Fushi again, only for him to disappear in front of her, and when she finally found someone she trusted enough to help her, he wasn’t able to save himself.

But before we talk about that. Let’s talk about how the rest of Renril is doing without the immortal’s help. I know Kamu really had some feelings for another girl, but I think he deserves a reward for just consistently going above and beyond what is needed of him. Typically, I would have expected there to be some jealousy floating around since it is revealed that she already has a boyfriend. Instead, he goes to fight with him to the best of his abilities. Miguel, Sera, and Kamu give their all to protect the hospital. I’m just absolutely devastated that Kamu didn’t make it out safely. Not only is he covered in Nokkers, but he’s also crushed by one of their orbs. At this point, he’s gone for good. And I know he was only a side character, but he’s done so much for us! He’s vouched for us so many times. He’s here and he’s helping. I hope he is honored in some way later on… but first, we really need the people of Renril to survive this fight.

Speaking of this fight, Bon is quick to notice that the city is at a stand still. The homes aren’t being patched up and none of the warriors or Fushi are responding to him. It’s thanks to the help of Ligurd that he’s even able to find any leads. Ligurd leads him to March, and he is just as surprised as anyone else to see her out and alive. I mean, she was sacrificed almost 200 years ago. He, of course, has been able to see her this whole time, but now she is in the flesh. Alive once more. Granted, this isn’t at all a happy reunion for either of them. March being here and looking for Fushi is a bad thing. Bon, being unable to summon Fushi, is also a bad thing. It quickly becomes clear that the immortal is dead, or at least lost all of his abilities to help with this war. 

Returning to the home base, Kahaku is nowhere to be found and neither is Fushi. March and Bon confront the man in black only to not get any answers out of him. If it weren’t for Eko, I don’t think they would have found the orb that is Fushi. And despite all of this, there isn’t an easy way to bring him back. It specifically hurts when March pleads with Bon to find Fushi like he did with the rest of his companions. Fushi isn’t with them as a spirit. Only orb. But, how did the orb become Fushi? Well, it came in contact with Joann, who died. So naturally, it makes sense that someone needs to sacrifice themselves to bring Fushi back… unfortunately for me, that sacrifice is Bon. And everything just hits harder as the episode continues. 

After the loss of Kamu, and Sera’s reaction to it, losing Bon hurts even more. He never wanted any of this to happen, but I think it really shows how much he’s grown as a character in this season. He used to be incredibly selfish, and in some ways he still is – but he readily gave himself up for Fushi. He quickly abandons his dream to bring the immortal back. And then, of course, while all of this is happening we have Eko’s situation. It appears that Kahaku’s Nokker has taken over her arm. And she quickly realizes that the only way to save them is to kill the Nokker (and by extension her). I have to give major kudos to the soundtrack in the last third of this episode. It really set everything up and brought on all of the emotions. BUT!! Eko, despite jumping, survives. And I’m conflicted. Because this means she’s still alive… but that also means the Nokker is still very much a threat. And of course, now that the Nokkers have all of Fushi’s forms, the entire war has become even more difficult. 

However, I’m really hoping that Bon is able to save Fushi. I absolutely lost it when Tonari and Gugu’s hands joined up with Bon’s to bring Fushi back. They are all here for him. They want to win this war. 

2 more episodes left. I’m both on the edge of my seat and absolutely terrified.  Fushi, please save everyone. 


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