Episode 4

So, it turns out that we aren’t keeping Hakkai in Toman and are instead using him as a bargaining chip. Well, we aren’t doing it for our favor, but it does seem like an honorable thing that Mitsuya is doing for his subordinate. I just really hope it doesn’t blow up in our faces (read: this will probably blow up in our faces). But on another note, it seems that we are forming some sort of alliance with Kisaki, which is certainly interesting. To be honest, I wonder if this will turn into a redeemable character or just make him even worse in my eyes. 

But let’s break this down. I’m really bummed that Hakkai isn’t going to stay in Toman. I know the fix to the future wasn’t going to be that easy, but it’s clear Black Dragon is not something he wants to be a part of. Even if he is a member of the Black Dragons, and we are able to protect Yuzuha I don’t think any part of this arrangement is a victory. I mean, Hakkai basically told us that Taiju isn’t going to keep his promise based on some events that happened in the past. And to be honest, I would agree with Hakkai! I do not trust Taiju, even if he did turn out to be Christian!! I do want to take some time to talk about the scene where Hakkai admits all of this to Chifuyu and Takemitchy. I’m glad that we got to see a little bit more into his life and understand more about his relationship with his family and Mitsuya. I really love when characters have introspections like this, especially when it shows their connections with others. We can already glean that Hakkai’s family is very dysfunctional. Taiju has always been the “boss” of the family since he was the older brother & the strongest of the bunch. So, growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for Taiju to beat them up for making mistakes. In fact, Hakkai misinterprets this as familial love. After all, families care about each other and this was how Taiju showed how he cared. However, it isn’t until he meets Mitsuya that it starts to click that love can look very different. When they first met, Mitsuya steps in to stop Hakkai from beating up another child; stating that the strength should only be used to protect someone. It’s only after that interaction, and seeing how Mitsuya (the oldest sibling) interacts with his family. Mitsuya is warm, kind, and caring to his two younger siblings. Despite all the circumstances they are still very happy in the life they live. It gives the other perspective of a different kind of love and I really like how they expressed it. 

Of course, we need more than these realizations to protect everyone in the future. It’s declared that Hakkai is still planning to kill his brother to protect Yuzuha. I think most of us agree that Hakkai will probably lose when it comes to sheer strength. Even if he has a handful of Toman members, Taiju is a beast. Have motivations changed? Maybe. We’re only told that Hakkai kills Taiju for money, but so far we haven’t seen any part of that conversation – now if Koko is getting involved? Perhaps there’s still a lot more for us to uncover. 

But to do that, we need to address the biggest surprise of the episode: We’re actually teaming up with Kisaki. So far, Kisaki has just been this big grand villain that looms in the shadows. He’s done some stuff, but he hasn’t necessarily done anything evil (at least not in Toman yet). Chifuyu and Takemitchy bring their desire to fight Taiju and Black Dragon to their meeting, which is quickly shot down by Draken, who is in charge because Mikey and Mitsuya decided to have a late night chat elsewhere. It seems like saving the future is going to fall back on the shoulders of our crybaby hero and his friend. But if we can team up with Kisaki (who is arguably much smarter than both of them) and Hanma, perhaps things might work in our favor? Though, something tells me that we’re going to get stabbed in the back. Toman isn’t the same group that Mikey founded so long ago. It’s already starting to pull apart and fray. Every new person they add brings new ideals and new problems. If anything, this is probably going to benefit our villain more than our hero. 

Still… he did help us get some good information out of Koko. We now know that the only time Taiju is ever alone is on Christmas, when he goes to a church in the dead of night. We also know that even the high ranking officers in Black Dragon aren’t 100% loyal to the gang. And when we put all of this together, we can probably figure out when Hakkai is going to kill his brother. Things are starting to heat up! I’m excited to see what developments may come!

Episode 5

Shout out to Hanma for being the funniest person in this episode for both asking to name the unlikely team: Seasons Beatings & Hanmas. 

Being completely honest about this episode, I was really frustrated! I want to tell Takemitchy that he made a bad decision. After everything you’ve been through, you still decide to break up with Hina?? So what if her dad made some points! You love her and you’re going to protect her. Have you ever considered that breaking up with her may actually be part of the problem?? I mean, you did already break up with her and she still died. Sorry, but you don’t earn any sympathy from me in this episode. 

This week we get to learn a little bit more of Kisaki, Takemitchy, and Hina’s pasts together. Well, they weren’t always together, but they all crossed paths many years in the past. Turns out Hina and Kisaki know each other from Elementary School and Cram School. We have a typical scenario where the kind, cheery, and bright student decides to be friendly to the one who can’t make friends for some circumstance. Maybe he’s pushing them away, maybe they are just scared of him. Either way, it seems Hina is the only one who is kind enough to him. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kisaki caught feelings along the way. And if that’s the case, Takemitchy playing hero doesn’t help out his case. That being said, it wasn’t as if Takemitchy was the most impressive hero. If anything, we should give him kudos for just showing up. That was the most impressive thing he did before he got beat up. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Kisaki’s reaction to any of this and I really wish we did. I just want to know: How did Takemitchy showing up that day directly impact the entire future? Will I be mad if this single instance is the reason why Hina, Akkun, Draken, Mitsuya, Chifuyu etc. have a bad future? Yes. Absolutely yes. But I desperately want there to be much more beneath the surface. 

Regardless, I do need to touch upon the meeting of Takemitchy and Mister Tachibana. Because, I am just so mad. I don’t blame Mr. Tachibana for anything that he said. It makes sense that he would want to protect his daughter, especially when he knows that Takemitchy doesn’t hang out with the best crowd. I’m more upset by Takemitchy’s response to this whole thing. Not only did he break up with Hina, but he did so in the most tasteless way possible. “I don’t love you anymore”?????? “I like someone else” ???? Excuse me???? You know you can break up with someone without completely killing your relationship. I don’t get why you needed to hurt her in this way. I’d be mad at you for eternity if you did that to me. He could have still broken up with Hina and just been honest about the reason why. Hina might have pushed back, but that could have been equally emotional as watching her absolutely destroy his face. Gah, I’m just so frustrated with this. I know we want to keep her safe, I just really feel like we’re going about it in the wrong ways !!! 

Really looks like Seasons Beatings came early this year. 

Anyways, I’m sure all of this will make more sense in the future. But for the next week, I’m going to be made at this development. (`Д´)


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