Mitsuha and Wolf Fang Commander successfully rescued the civilians by using fireworks to scare the goblins away. Despite knowing who their opponents would be, the Commander accepted Mitsuha’s request as after years since his last battle, he finally got his first real fight. He didn’t waste any time and prepared all the arsenals his group has, including the tanks, that Mitsuha all transported to the other world, which obviously shocked everyone. On top of hiring the mercenary, Mitsuha managed to impress them with her speech. I wonder if she also got that from the manga, anime, or game that she used to enjoy with her brother. And I’m also wondering why she’s wearing a dress or all things even though they’re going to the battlefield.

However, the big fight was not really a challenge itself. The enemy’s army are mostly comprised of peasants who were forced to become soldiers and monsters who can’t do anything without them being told to. Simply by taking out the veteran officers and officers in charge of taming the monsters, the enemies are quickly to be in a state of panic and disarray. Even in the face of wyvern squads, they were powerless against the Wolf Fang’s an armoured truck with two roof mounted 20mm auto-cannons, though the enemy still refused to surrender by revealing his trump card: a giant dragon. Because of its size, it’s understandable if Wolf Fang would have difficulty, but I won’t underestimate the modern weaponry. Still, choosing this as part of the finale is a thumb up.

I really like how Mitsuha is not naive and is capable of ruthlessness against her enemies. She didn’t hesitate to give an order to shoot a soldier who tried to speak. The audacity of the enemy commander to bring up chivalry and the sort when he and his followers were the ones who break it first. Mitsuha even has Wolf Fang to direct the monsters who are fleeing toward the path where the enemy soldiers would run to, knowing full-well that the monsters would be furious at them for their tricks and attack them, thus disposing the enemies without Mitsuha and the Wolf Fang having to do an extra work. Even Wolf Fang was stunned by this idea but made them respect Mitsuha more. Of course, Mitsuha wasn’t entirely heartless, she’s still willing to let the peasants go free, knowing that they were only being forced to fight.

That said, Mitsuha now is not just a simple owner of Mitsuha Store. Not with how she made herself stand out. This would bound attract both good and bad people her way. And thanks to her big mouth in the previous episode when she saved Sabine, now she earned herself the unfortunate nickname ‘Messenger of Lightning’ within the populace. This is another consequence of her action trying out to sound cool by copying anime character that she has to face. XD

Next week would be the last episode. Whether this is only the end of Season and there’ll be Season 2 or this would be the end of the adaptation as whole, that’ll have to wait until further news.


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