The series is nearing its end with only two episodes left. Unfortunately, I have to say that my interest has greatly waned and I am really continuing just for the sake of fulfilling my obligation to complete covering this series. I’ll let out the bad from me first:

Firstly, the quality of the animation is something that I’ve been trying to refrain from saying and tolerate, but this episode made me can’t hold it back anymore by how terrible it was save for certain moments. I’m not trying to belittle the hard work of the animators who must be tired doing this episode considering the workload and time the animators in Japan usually have, but frankly speaking in a point of view of the audience, I was disappointed by the result.

Second, the confrontation between Lavi and Rogan and how the North Ambrian citizens decided to take a stand felt lackluster for a conclusion. While I praise the argument between them, the way it was presented didn’t live up to my expectation. To put it into words, it felt like they were just actors reading their lines who just did according to the script rather than moving and reacting naturally, a complete opposite with their prior confrontation. It’s not like the two of them must duke it out, I simply believe it’s better to make their confrontation to be more dramatic.

Now, for a mixed bag, the cameos of Lloyd, Rixia, Estella, and Joshua. Unlike other cameos, they were voiced and given a line. Seeing them animated is something I was supposed to be happy yet I have a mixed feeling. Again, the quality of animation made them didn’t look as charming as they should be, and the fact they were given a line and voice in this episode felt like purely for fanservice purpose rather than for the importance of the plot. In regard to Lloyd and Rixia, they are from the annexed Crossbell, so they’d understand the feelings of North Ambrian citizens who are willing to fight to defend their country like they did. The problem is, they were never shown in the previous episodes and only now appeared. Even as someone who knew Trails to Azure, I felt there’s no point for them to appear unless it’ll serve for some foreshadowing or hint in the last two episodes. It would’ve been better if they were given more role in the previous episodes, giving the point of view of people who have their home country annexed.

Rean and Lavi are finally going to have their long-awaited match. I’m happy to see Rean, but I really don’t have a big expectation that the fight between them would be a satisfying one. Then there’s Jayna and Talion. They still haven’t made any move and just watch the battle unfold. Are they going to watch until the war is over or they’re waiting until the right moment to make their move? I just can’t see Jayna not doing anything and has already a scheme in her head to reach whatever goal she has. And Talion’s face also indicated that he’s planning something.


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