Mitsuha finally got her isekai adventure for the first time by joining a group of adventurers. Though she’s sad that magic apparently doesn’t exist in this world, or maybe just the country she’s in, Mitsuha was still happy to see adventurers in action. Her purpose to join is to know what items that would be useful for adventurers in their journey and consider adding those items to sell in her shop, so she’s asking the group for opinions.

Honestly, there’s not much that I can say for this episode because it’s so-so in my book. But I was glad that Mitsuha refrained herself from revealing her gun. I wouldn’t be surprised that many people, the worst the bad ones, would try to get their hands on gun from Mitsuha, if they know about it. It’s better for weapons not to be distributed in her shop and just focus on day-to-day things that would be less harmful for people. Also, Mitsuha wishes to get more profit, but even she has a pride in her own skill, so when she managed to sell statues, she was dissatisfied and has no sense of accomplishment with the money she made because it didn’t come from her own artistic skill.


We are finally introduced to another adorable girl, Sabine, the princess of the kingdom Mitsuha lives now. Don’t let her cute appearance to fool you, because this girl is a little sneaky daredevil. She knew how to take advantage of her cuteness and created opportunity to get what she wanted. I really love this little princess! Of course, saving Sabine from kidnappers led to Mitsuha directly meet the king. No surprise that Mitsuha impressed the king by introducing him glasses to help with his poor eyesight, but I was actually surprised when Mitsuha boldly albeit subtly told the king that she can’t be bribed. I don’t think any normal person would dare to make such declaration no matter how subtle it is. But due to Mitsuha’s cleverness and the king’s kindness, this matter was not made to be a big deal, especially after Mitsuha helped them to prosecute a corrupt company, gaining even more favour from the king. With this, Mitsuha doesn’t need to worry about any noble harassing her.

Mitsuha’s next customer was a daughter of a diner owner. After focusing on Mitsuha selling items in her store, we got another customer who for once seeks a consultation service. The situation was different, but it’s once again involved Mitsuha teaching Japanese cuisine to the apprentice chef of the restaurant and the guy whom the daughter has a crush on. Because of Mitsuha’s help in introducing Japanese dishes during the noble debut party, the foods served that time was widely dubbed as Yamano Cuisine with Mitsuha being known as its legendary founder. Putting aside the effect due to Mitsuha’s previous action, the strong word-of-mouth about the cuisine helped the restaurant to gain many customers.

On top of the diner regaining customers, they were able to deal with the annoying rich man and his son who tried to ruin the diner thanks to the king and his family’s arrival (after learning that Mitsuha and Sabine worked at the diner). Everything went well except that the daughter’s matchmaking with the chef apprentice didn’t come to fruition. Mitsuha didn’t get much profit this time, but she’s still happy and satisfy because her good deed helped people.


This is it! Finally they start the part I’ve been looking forward the most! The country soon is going to be at war against a neighboring country that has an army of 3000 monsters and 20,000 soldiers with addition of several nobles betraying them. The kingdom has no means to fight on equal footing against such overwhelming forces, even the King went as far as asking Mitsuha to run away with Sabine. Mitsuha flat-out refused because her shop would be destroyed if the war happened and she wouldn’t abandon it. Her initial idea was to move entire shop with her teleporting ability, but she secretly thinking of at the very least bringing Sabine to her world until the situation was solved.

Alexis’ self-sacrificing action to protect her was what pushed Mitsuha to finally fight in the war, determined to protect the people she cares for. She revealed her teleporting ability by bringing Alexis to her world so he can get treatment and also teleported herself and Wolfgang to show him that she’s telling him the truth about the existence of different world and monsters. I thought Wolf Fang would be more hesitant in accepting the job from Mitsuha to fight in the war, because the opponents are not humans. But he has the heart of soldier through and through, risking his life in a battlefield is not a new thing to him and would fight even though he could’ve declined.

This episode is different from the manga, so I’m curious how Mitsuha and Wolf Fand would handle the situation they were in.


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