Episode 5

This week it was nice to get some Precure lore from Granny. I thought it was rather interesting that the legends of the Precure who saved Skyland from the monsters has more or less been forgotten in Skyland. But we can see that’s true to an extent, as Princess Ellee (despite only being a baby, which makes it– all things considered– actually hilarious) has played a part is summoning the power of Precures.

Mashiro was actually fired up to start her training has a Precure, but after being plagued by nightmares of Mashiro falling to a terrible fate. It was interesting because there were definitely some similarities, which makes me wonder just how much of her dreams are like a prophecy of a sort. I have mentioned previously how I thought it was quite mysterious how accurate her journal entries were before she even embarked on her adventure, which makes me wonder if perhaps Sora actually does have some sort of ability to get a glimpse of the future, be it in her dreams or subconsciously.

Needless to say, because of that, Sora didn’t want Mashiro to get involved in the battles any further, out of fear she’d lose her. It certainly came across as selfish on her part, but after dedicating herself to her training to become the Hero she aspires to be, Mashiro is the first friend she has ever made, so naturally she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. That’s why she was rather impatient about the prospects of opening the gate to Skyland being ways off due to needing to farm more materials for it.

Of course Mashiro wasn’t having any of that either, and stubbornly refused to agree to Sora’s demands to ‘quit’. It took a while, but she was able to get through Sora at least. And thanks to that, we got to see their duo UFO(?!) attack… man, did it make me laugh real hard!

Speaking of UFOs(?!), Princess Ellee having a flying saucer (well, KINDA? Let’s just go with that) had me laughing so hard, because I was actually half expecting them to toss her to the next potential candidate, but when you think about it– once everyone is on the team, there would be no one to supervise her, which is a problem! Will there be a Seiji or Yui in this story to help do that? Who knows, because as we saw today, leaving the child unsupervised is a recipe for trouble once another one of the villains pops up when they least expect it.

And lastly while we’re on the topic of that, Kabaton losing weight was… uh… slightly concerning given how much he lost. He certainly went crazy this time around after we finally got to hear the voice of his boss. She actually gave me a bit of Dyspear’s vibe (Go! Princess Precure), which– if she’s anything like that, then HELL YEAH! Anyhow, it was pretty funny to see him venting about work to that food stall dude, who was kind enough to listen. I laughed so hard when he was like, “Sounds like workplace harassment.”

Also nice shout-out to Futari wa Pretty Cure at the end there!

Episode 6

Not much happened in this episode, so I don’t have too much to say about it, so this will be very short.

With Mashiro returning to school, Sora was really feeling really lonely without her. Granny had asked if she was interested in enrolling, but understandably Sora didn’t want to impose on her, so refused. That said, Granny still intended to get that done, so had her go out and do errands while she makes the arrangements for it.

While she was out, we actually got to see Ageha, which was honestly a great opportunity to start establishing a relationship between the two. She was able to help Sora work through her emotions, and give her some advice and courage (with the help of sparkly makeup) to tell Mashiro how she felt. Though the hilarious part was when she was about to at first (before being interrupted by Kabaton), it sure sounded like she was about to make a confession of love. But considering Mashiro is her first friend, I can understand why Sora had felt too embarrassed to verbalize that, and needed that extra bit of courage to do so.

Next week, with Sora enrolled into school, it’s sure going ot be interesting to see how she adapt given she cannot keep her mouth shut about Skyland, and she kind of exposed herself as a Precure back in the first episode sooo… we’ll have to see how that goes! Hahaha!


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  1. ecargmura

    My favorite part of Episode 6 was Sora roasting Kabaton. “You’re a waste of screen time. Someone like you doesn’t even deserve even one second of screen time.”

    1. Eva

      Yeah that was a great line HAHA! They have been really breaking the fourth wall at every opportunity with this series! XD But I think that makes a lot of sense, given how the series is themed around “the characters and the stories” sort of thing.

  2. Eva

    Notice: Ep 7 will be released as a double-post with Ep 8 entry next week! Looking forward to it!

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