Finally an episode where everything ends on a positive note! Hina and Takemitchy’s relationship situation is all taken care of, Mikey shows his trust once again to Takemitchy, Mitsuya and Draken get a bit of backstory, and finally they all get to experience hatsumode together. We won’t talk about the Kisaki situation after the credits, because if we ignore it, this was a relatively happy episode where there is nothing to stress about for the next week. :^)

For once, I actually really enjoyed that this episode was almost a collection of small stories. I feel like we’ve just spent so much time in the church that spending time with different characters doing other things just feels so refreshing. And to be honest, if we were going to spend the whole episode of Takemitchy crying over Hina, I might have tapped out. It was emotional, and honestly pretty romantic to say that he’ll always protect her, but I’m still thoroughly peeved by everything that led us up to this point. Thank goodness Hina figured out that her father was involved in this breakup. How? I don’t know, but she figured it out. Because otherwise, there would be no Emma calling Draken. And without her calling Draken, Mikey wouldn’t have reconsidered going to the church to save the day. So really, we can call Hina’s dad the true savior of the Christmas Showdown. All of that aside, I am really happy that we’ve reached a happy ending with Hina and Takemitchy. She may not be saved in the future, but perhaps things are looking a little bit better for all of them. (Again, we’ll just ignore Hanma and Kisaki’s conversation at the end of this episode haha). 

I’m also really glad that they revisited the fact that Takemitchy is seen as a strong person, despite being physically weak. It really reminds us that he is the crybaby hero who will continue to get beat-up and destroyed in every fight, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t stop trying. And honestly, seeing someone with that much conviction is enough to help others keep on going. Overall, I think the conversation between Mikey and Takemitchy was really good. There’s a lot of personal conversation that the two need to have and it really shows just how much they have both changed after everything they both went through. I don’t think there is anyone else in Toman who could change Mikey as drastically as Takemitchy can. Kisaki can try, but as long as our protagonist stands in his way, there isn’t any trust that can be built with Mikey. And then of course, Draken, who has been there since the beginning, is reliable. But being reliable isn’t the only thing that Mikey needs. Draken can solve all his problems with fighting – there isn’t as much mental fortitude that he has to show compared to Takemitchy. So, I’m happy that we got to explore that again in this episode. 

However, my favorite part of this episode was the twin dragons conversation. We got a little bit of Mitsuya lore when interacting with Hakkai, but we never really saw it from Mitsuya’s perspective. We just see this idea of the perfect older brother who is happy with his family situation. As we found out a couple weeks ago, Mitsuya was really frustrated with his family situation. He didn’t want to parent his little sisters and his mom was never home. So, this time we get to see Draken and Mitsuya’s first meeting. Mitsuya runs away from home and is graffiting a wall and Draken sticks around to watch. After eating all of Draken’s food, he’s then invited to his home where they then play poker. While I know they could have done more, I think having Mitsuya see a certain side of living was really helpful. He’s quick to declare that this whole situation seems fun and that he wants to live with them. Shoutout to the girl who quickly shut that down and told him to go home. I especially like that Draken then comments that no one is there because they want to. It’s all out of necessity. Draken is there because he doesn’t have parents. Mitsuya, however, still has a home and a family to go back to. According to Draken, because of all this Mitsuya is not cut out to be a hoodlum. Which of course only makes me smile when they meet again with matching tattoos where Mitsuya declares that he can be a hoodlum and also cares about his family. Good for him. I believe in you Mitsuya. Sorry you had to cover up your tattoo though.

And then finally we just have a very fun ending with hatsumode. It was a really cute way to bring everyone together after all the stress that we went through this season. I don’t really have much to talk about for this ending. I’m just happy that we got everyone together. All in all, a very sweet episode. Personally, I would be happy if we stopped the season here. But we still have three more episodes to get through, so here’s to hoping for the best! 


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