Tsubasa not only got to fly, but with the conviction to protect Elle by putting her safety above his own, as well as her resolve to prevent him from giving up his life for her were all the ingredients to trigger the power of the Precure from within. With that Tsubasa has declared himself to protect Ellee as her dedicated Knight, and they did not disappoint.

We finally got a freaking transformation sequence, and and not to mention his special attack! [chef kiss] That was so exciting to watch! FREAKING FINALLYYYY!!!!! Takumi (sobs) your sacrifice wasn’t in vain! Gosh I’m so happy. I was cheering so hard, “LOOK AT OUR BIRD BOY SLAYING AND FLYING!” Though I must admit I am a bit surprised he didn’t actually get wings, just floating around, but that doesn’t bother me because he still looks so cool. Heh. (On the side note, it’s really adorable how excited Sora is to see him fulfilling his dream to fly and becoming a knight.)

I actually burst out laughing at the fact Tsubasa looked at the road realizing it’d take him a longgggg way to get to where he needs to be, and at that I thought (momentarily forgetting the fact he could transform into a Human), “Well time to roll.” AND THEN THE NEXT THING I KNOW, HE FREAKING DID! I CAN’T EVEN!!!!! Man that was so funny!

But poor Tsubasa, his first attempt to save Ellee did not go well. In fact, it was Ellee who ended up helping him instead! It was the cutest thing ever, but that was unfortunately short-lived when it it became apparent that his body weight was weighing down the crib, making it too slow to escape from being captured by Kabaton.

Actually, I think it’s be more accurate to say this particular fight mainly revolved around Tsubasa’s and Ellee’s teamwork. Both of them had moments when they were each individually in precarious situation that required to be saved/assisted by another. For Ellee, not only Tsubasa was ready to serve as a decoy to help her sneak off the ship once he had been able to return, but when he had no choice but to jump off and hitch a rid on her crib, he realized that once again he was quite literally weighing her down, and made the terrifying choice to let go. And since he couldn’t fly, was basically suicide since there was no way in hell he was going to survive that fall unless Sora or Mashiro were to jump in and catch him before he hits the ground. But instead, it was Ellee who used her powers to save him, choosing to put his safety above her own. It was their conviction to protect each other that contributed to Tsubasa committing to the resolve to protect Ellee as her knight, which awakened and granted him the power of the Precure!

Speaking of Ellee, surely I’m not the only one who is starting to wonder whether she’s really as young as she appears to be. She got brains, that’s for sure. And her form of communication and ability to recognize the enemy and even give the fist pump, “GET HIM!” mood had me laughing so hard. She is certainly one of the most charming and brightest baby character we have seen in a while. Maybe since Hugtan from Hugtto Precure? It’s been so long, I actually don’t remember much haha.

Meanwhile, Mashiro and Sora were having a tough time trying to fight, let alone reach Kabaton’s airship. It actually got so bad that he knocked them out for bit, and it took Ageha trying to get them to respond to wake up again. It certainly didn’t help how brutal it was to watch their failed landings. Jesus, even Ageha couldn’t bear to watch and immediately regretted even suggesting her idea). The way they just kept landing on their backs into the building, OOF. And that wasn’t even from Kabaton’s attacks, that was just trying to reach the damn ship. That said, Kabaton’s attacks with the laser was no joke either, as he was basically blowing up buildings and stuff. It’s certainly been a while since we’ve last seen Precure world really some rough hits from the antagonists during battle.

And finally, I must say I am surprised we didn’t get to hear from Kabaton’s boss this week. I thought we’d hear from them imeaditely after he had reported capturing the princess. Maybe there isn’t actually a direct communication as we’re typically used to… Or else perhaps we’ll actually hear from them next week.


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  1. ecargmura

    Cure Wing’s transformation sequence came and slapped Cure Prism’s into the next dimension. Holy heck, that was an amazing sequence! The animation was so fluid!

    I do agree with you regarding Ellee. She’s a bit too intelligent for an infant. It makes you wonder if this will be a plot device in future episodes.

  2. Eva

    04.05.2023: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a severe icestorm, a large tree has fallen and taken out both my powerline and internet line (thankfully not on my house!!!! BARELY MISSED IT!). This means I will not be able to release any entries for at least a week (possibly 2 weeks). So unless it gets resolved before the weekend (unlikely due to the severity and the fact we literally need to replace our hydro-pole now), all of my entries and upcoming coverages will be postponed until further notice. Thanks for understanding!

  3. Eva

    Update: Power and internet has finally been restored, Ep 10 will be released as a double-post, thanks for understanding!

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