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Yay, it’s finally here! Of all the titles this season, this is actually the one I’m the most excited for! It’s been so long since I’ve last read this series (as I always put it on pause once i fully caught up to it), so I’m actually grateful that I hardly remember anything about it (which is a good thing, makes it easier for me to cover), apart from a couple of key points (though even those are hazy enough for me to be uncertain about it). But man, it’s as hilarious as I remember it being. When Akane is dealing with a heartbreak, she’s such a mess!

After being dumped dumped by her (now ex) boyfriend who had also cheated on her with the girl (he’s presently dating) he met in the game he introduced to, Akane was understandably feeling awful and bitter about it. So when it’s announced that there’s an in-person event for the game’s first anniversary, Akane wanted to go but she really didn’t want to show up alone when she knew she’d very likely run into her ex and new girlfriend, so she wanted to show up as gorgeously as possible in hopes to see him wallow in regret for dumping her.

…Only all of her efforts were in vain because it splendidly backfired with her being the one was drowning in tears and regret of her reckless spending.

The first bitter pill she had to swallow was the fact her ex was happier than she was, which quite frankly is understandably miserable to see especially after he had cheated on her with the said girl before deciding to break up.

The second was realizing that her ex didn’t even notice she was standing there next to Yamada (who she just learned happened to be a famous FPS pro gamer Takuma is a huge fan of) seconds after she had just paid him to say he’s her current boyfriend with the event’s pin code for the Philosopher Stone so she could gloat about it– which just goes to show just how little Takuma cared about her to begin with, OUCH. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Of course apart from her side-quest attempt to make her ex weep in regret, it would be fair to say there was one silver-lining of attending the event, and that of course, is meeting Yamada. Up until this point, she had no idea he was a famous pro gamer, and only knew him in game as a fellow guild-mate who was known to take two minute to respond, and typically doesn’t say much beyond “Hello” and “Yes” apart from the few exceptions. And to her credit (though she was lucky she even got it right in the first place), she was able to connect the dots that the guy she had accidentally bumped into and had didn’t ignore her when she fell was the same (afro) Yamada she knew from the game.

Fortunately for her, Yamada showed a lot more patience than most people would in this situation. Although she did pay him with the Philosopher Stone pin code, to him she was a complete stranger. He only realized that she was his guild-mate and the paladin he had spoken to day prior (despite her earlier explanation) after she had dragged him out to join her for drinks. He also showed his form of consideration and kindness, such as running to the to buy some band-aids because he had noticed she was bleeding, but also in return for the three colas he had, and now the even crazier part, he brought her back to his place after she got herself so drunk she blacked out. Though she has certainly found herself in a messy situation, waking up in questionable state in his bed, but if anything– given his personality and the circumstances, it’s most definitely NOT a one-night stand, but more likely she blacked out drunk and he had no idea how to get her home, or/and she vomited all over her clothes.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic start to the adaption. I really appreciated how much they took their time with the pace, and nailed the pure comedy of everything just blowing up in her face. It made me laugh many times, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of it to the point I’m like “DARN IT! I HAVE TO WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK!” I’m also looking forward to seeing more of the in-game interactions, just because Yamada’s avatar is freaking amazing HAHA!

Although there are a lot of shows I’m interested in overlapping on Saturday and Sundays, this one is definitely still high on my list, so I’ll be giving it up to three episodes to see which ones I will be committing myself to!

Possibility of Covering: High
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed


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