The last few episodes have been rather basic so, this is going to be shorter than usual. And really, there’s not much for me to discuss– to the point I half wondered if I was going to need to post-pone this post for another week! Unfortunately these last few episodes haven’t really been able to click with me. In Episode 12, the fight between Kabaton and Sora ended up terribly underwhelming and while I honestly didn’t hold my breath for much to begin with, it still ended up as a snooze fest for me. It wasn’t much better with Episode 13, touching on the whole first shoes thing for Ellee, and helping a mother bid her son farewell at the airport, and give him his baby’s first shoes. Maybe it just had to do with my mood since I’ve been terribly drained these past two weeks (I blame the barometric pressure for that), but I wasn’t invested in either one of those episodes, so truly, take my thoughts of those two with a grain of salt.

And then we have this week’s episode 14, which was somewhat of an improvement. It’s the start of the next arc with introducing us the Azure Knights. Now that the gateway is complete, they were able to return to Skyland. Today we finally learned that this is the main reason why Sora was heading to the capital in the first place before she got caught up with saving the princess from Kabaton. She was able to reunite with the hero who saved her ten years ago (Captain Shalala) and was able to enrol as an apprentice of the Azure Knights.

At the same time, we were also introduced to the next antagonist to replace Kabaton: Battamonda. Now the thing about this guy is that he reminds me way too much of Narcistoru to the point I’m actually wondering if it was a deliberate choice. From his hair color (though it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had an enemy with that color, so this point is kind of weak) and now even his line, “C’mon!” (which is still fresh in our minds from Delicious Party Precure) seems purposely in that respect. Or maybe I’m just forgetting other enemies saying the same thing, I honestly can’t remember that far back. At least he appears to be a bit more interesting than Kabaton (and I also like his design), though we’ll have to see how everything pans out.

On that note, it does look like maybe things are actually going to get serious in the next episode. The Undergu Empire is striking Skyland, and perhaps this may be our first real fight since Kabaton’s was just a disappointment. Either way, we’ll have to see how this event will affect Mashiro’s plans of returning home.


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  1. ecargmura

    I’m excited to see what the Sky Land arc is going to bring to the table! From my Magical Girl show watching experience, the show doesn’t focus on plot 85% of the time, so for Hirogaru Sky Precure to not drag out the buildup to the Sky Land arc and actually dive into the otherworld aspect this early makes me happy.

    Since this is more of a fantasy world compared to modern/urban Sorashido City, I wonder what Mashiro will do as she spends her time in Sky Land. Sora joined the knights, Tsubasa is appointed as Ellee’s babysitter. What’s Mashiro going to do?

    The new villain was quite interesting. He’s pretty but also very sinister. I didn’t expect KENN to use such a soft voice. I’m just so used to hearing his usual tone that I widened my eyes when I saw his name in the credits.

  2. Eva

    Notice: Ep 15 entry will be released as a double-post next week!

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