Ever since Runa has accepted Akane into their circle, the two have become rather close where they have kind of bonded like sisters. It’s a new experience for Runa, who despite having 300 online friends,has always longed for a friend offline. It’s hard for her to make friends at school, and there are things she wants to be able to talk about, and luckily with Akane she can do just that. As result of that she has been hanging out with her more and more, particularly after school due to the conflict with her brother.

Hilariously Eita and Runa both agree that Yamada and Akane look quite good together, and it was pretty funny seeing them talk about how much they ship them together, to the point that Eita encouraged Runa to pull some romcom antics, to which Runa could only think of the most cliche tropes like running into each other around a corner, accidental grope, running into each other in the bathroom. The real kicker is seeing Runa attempt to set up each of these situations– except one problem: She was trying to force the issue when it wouldn’t work in the given set-up. For starters, Akane is cooking lunch and Runa goes up to her and asks her if she’s going to take bath. When she gets a no, she proceeds to ask Yamada, who obviously also says no. When that doesn’t work, she tries the running late with toast, but of course that isn’t going to work because Akane has nowhere to be an she’s still cooking. Frustrated that the previous two attempts fails, Runa goes to the extreme and quite literally drags Akane out of the kitchen and shoves her into Yamada, which resulted bashing each other’s heads, OUCH! RUNA PLEASE! THIS IS NOT HOW YOU PLAY CUPID! I freaking can’t with how proud she looked at that attempt either. It’s a whole “This should do it!” energy radiating from her!

But while that didn’t work as intended, it did lead to Akane accidentally whipping her hair into Yamada’s eye– and I can vouch for how much hair fucking hurts when it hits you in the eye— which leads to Akane frantically checking to see if he’s already by freaking grabbing his face ahahahaha! Now that ended up producing an actual result, with it Yamada being the one who had become so flustered and self-conscious of how close the two of them were, that the only thing he could think of was an excuse to grab some tools he needed at home to step out and collect himself.

This is really the first time we see Yamada is more self-conscious around her, but also confused by how he feels. He finds himself doing things he wouldn’t otherwise do, such as having wanting to see Akane’s hair loose after she had tied it up for him. But it was really cute how honest he was about being the one to do it, especially when Akane had initially assumed he picked up the hair clip on the ground. Now even she is wondering what got him to do such a thing.

We also got a glimpse into Yamada’s past of when it became difficult for him to grasp girls’ emotions. When he was little, he knew a girl who had been bullied and they got along, but when the girl went onto say things like “Let’s always be together even after we grow up”, Yamada had immediately shut her down because he knew he couldn’t promise her that. Some kids would just jump right in and agree, but Yamada has always been the more pragmatic type. It’s also why he doesn’t understand why people get so sensitive, like the convenience store clerk who was crushing hard on him, putting him in an awkward spot when he for one had no interest in telling her his name, and two, doesn’t have time to stick around. It’s not about the matter of manners, but simply put, Yamada is just not comfortable with casually doing that.

And finally, Akane’s computer got a complete buffed up overhaul thanks to Yamada’s and Eita’s efforts. Naturally Akane didn’t feel like it’d be right to accept it without paying them back for the parts, but Eita didn’t want to say anything about the costs, so instead he was able to persuade her into agreeing to be their sponsor for when they go and visit Tousei Academy’s Cultural Festival, heheh~ so Akane will be able to tag along!


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