When it comes to fight, by far, this episode is my absolute favorite! The animation quality might not be the best and there wasn’t much of actions, but they deliver Mash’s cool moment brilliantly. A-1 Pictures deserved an round applause for their perfectly timing cutscene stills and showing Mash’s anger without making it said out loud through his attacks and expression. I wasn’t disappointed when watching the episode from start to finish.

I was extremely satisfied when Mash beat the crap out of Silva and Lauren. I can say now that I like Dot. Yes, he might be weak when it comes to girls, especially, but like the type of character he is, Dot is a kindhearted guy. Watching his kindness being taken advantage of made my blood boils and I wanted nothing more but for both Silva and Lauren to pay for what they have done to Dot. Eternally grateful to Mash for avenging Dot and mercilessly placed the two jerks in their place. I gave him a thumb up when he mocked Silva by telling him of his ten hit rule, only for Mash to drop it because he felt sorry for the jerk. Because Silva’s confidence was already crushed and he lost the will to fight just after two hits, I guess that was enough for the guy. Since his debut, Silva has been bragging on and on about how he was special for already getting two silver coins during his first year. As the result, he developed a superiority complex and looked down on others, specifically first years like mash. Being totally overwhelmed by the very guy he underestimated must’ve destroyed his ego, a fitting punishment for him.


To my pleasant surprise, Mash was indiscriminate when it comes to his opponents, so he didn’t hesitate in the slightest bit in using German Suplex on Lauren. This sets him different from the majority of Shonen protagonists who usually has reservations when it comes to fighting a woman. Realistically, Mash’s treatment to Lauren would be frown upon because she’s a girl, but I hate Lauren for making fun of Dot, so I don’t care even if Mash gave her 10 punches, but this was still good enough. She deserves it.

Thanks to this incident, Mash earned himself another friendly rival who is Dot, and thus, completing the series’ five main characters. I really felt for Dot when he recalled how he was tricked by Lauren and thanked and apologized to Mash for helping him. But this guy really weak for girls as after Lauren, he immediately recovered by having an instant crush on Lemon. Yes, Lemon is cute, but he’ll have to be better than Mash if he wants to win her heart, which doesn’t seem likely to happen because Lemon loves Mash too much . XD

The fight against Silva rewarded Mash with a complete coin and made it clear to Lance that Mash was being targeted by the not-so-secret student organization, the Magia Lupus, led by  the Lang House perfect, Abel Walker. Concerning Mash’s upcoming first big boss battle, Abel, from his speech, my first impression was that he was a bit similar with the two elitist jerks from the previous episodes as he talked about how only perfect individuals deserves to live. But unlike them who were nothing more than a dog with no bites, Abel was a true threat that should be taken seriously. His magic seems to allow him to turn anyone into puppets and I expect that his magic will involves more puppetry later on.

I didn’t expect Mash to meet Abel so quickly, and by a coincidence at that, but I doubt they’ll fight right away. That would be far too soon to happen with a big boss like Abel.


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