Wasn’t expecting to be swept into the sea of feels this week! (Or maybe I should’ve, but certainly not to this extent haha!)

It was really nice to see Akane talk with Eita about deciding to confess to Yamada. It was important for her to share that either him since like Momo, Rurihime was there for her when she was feeling down in the dumps, and has been a great support to her. It’s always endearing to see a guy friend be part of the loop without being a potential love-interest. (Though I absolutely snorted when Momo predictably asked Eita afterwards if he had a girlfriend).

Akane was determined to confess to Yamada immediately– to the point she totally forgot to take into consideration of his potential schedule. I suppose that’s adrenaline of resolve if you will. Unfortunately for her though, the universe was absolutely dead-set on interrupting her at every opportunity. And as each interruption occurred, her resolve was chipped away and it pretty much killed it for the day. Poor Akane, she just wanted to confess her feelings… But as disheartening as it was that it ended up like that, she quickly realized it just wasn’t the right time or place to do it– and she was certainly right about that. Confessing in the middle of the busy streets and when Yamada is rushing off to class were both the worst times to do it.

But in compensation of those interruptions, we did get some real sweet and squee-worthy moments with the way Yamada was being very attentive towards Akane. When he noticed she was totally out of it, he held hands with her to make sure she didn’t walk into traffic, or stray behind. And even though he was in a hurry to catch the train, he still turned around to organize time for them afterwards to make time to talk after class. God I really loved that moment, the freaking pivot and then how much that cheered Akane up and his smile after that- MY HEART! God, that was such sweet little moment between them. I freaking love little dabbles of fluff like that.

Unfortunately their plans for their talk and Akane’s confession had to be rescheduled once again when he receives a tearful confession from his friend Tsubaki. (She honestly didn’t think she’d say it then, it kinda slipped out so she had to roll with it. I’m sure that was the last way she had imagined ever confessing to him.) So it’s one thing when it’s a stranger, it’s another when it’s a friend. Yamada new he couldn’t just turn her down on the spot, and graciously obliged to her wish of asking him to just think about her for the day, but that didn’t make it any less difficult for him. That said, I think we can all agree that was a wise decision his part given the turbulent head space he has found himself in. Had he gone to see Akane after that, I don’t think she would have confessed anyways because she’s acute enough to notice when something is bothering him.

And the next day, we saw exactly that when Yamada sought her out at work. She noticed it’s very unlike him to be desperately seeking anyone out when he couldn’t wait to try and reach her by phone later, and noted how listless he was.

Contrary to how he appears on the surface, after Tsubaki had confessed to him, Yamada was quite distressed. He was overwhelmed. And it really broke my heart when Yamada opened up about the reason why he doesn’t talk much, but I’m glad that he finally shared that with someone.

The reason why he doesn’t talk much isn’t because he doesn’t want to, but it’s because he’s afraid he’ll hurt someone by saying the wrong thing. He considers himself a ‘nobody’ and a ‘boring guy’ which further puts into perspective why he previously said Akane is someone who he holds at a high regard. His lack of self-esteem comes from his struggle to have a grasp on people’s emotions, understand their jokes, and fears hurting others as result of it. We can see how that incident with the girl from his childhood scarred him in this way. And when you think about it, it really doesn’t help him when he finds himself forced to interact with people who are basically strangers to him when they confess, and then when he turns them down, some get upset or cry. It’s hard on him to have to deal with that.

But what he doesn’t realize is that contrary to how he sees himself, there are those who understand him better than he understands himself. Both Eita and Akane recognizes his positive attributes, including his big heart. And I liked the way Akane responded to that grief and explained to him how she knows that even though he doesn’t talk much, he is always looking out for others and sets her straight when needed. I also thought it was so cute how she drew her weapon on his hand (because she actually didn’t know what kind of sword it as hahahaha, bless you Akane) and then her character when she assured to him that he’s a fun guy. You could liken it to a little lucky charm if you will.

Last point: I was losing it during the scene Eita and Yamada were talking about two different people. It’s crazy because Eita doesn’t know about Tsubaki’s feelings, nor her confession, so he thinks that Akane had already confessed. On the other-hand, Yamada has no idea that Akane wanted to confess, and so he thinks Eita is talking about Tsubaki– which is why he was so surprised that he knew about it. That said, Eita’s advice to him not to let this drag out and give a proper answer was good reminder, though I think Yamada already knew that himself considering he was feeling a bit mad at Eita after that.

Next week if the finale, and it’s going to be such a perfect way to wrap things up and alaksjdlaksjda I can’t wait. This show has been my FLUFFY ROMANCE of the season and I’m just really happy with how the adaption turned out. They really did a fantastic job with it!!!


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