Dot once again got to shine in this episode with the revelation that he turned out to be a specially-born mark magician. Unlike normal marked one, Dot has the Warding Cross mark on his forehead called the Ira Kreuz. “Ira” in Italian means “wrath” while “Kreuz” in Germany means “Cross”, which translated together could mean Cross of Wrath. True to its name, this mark allowed the magician to gain immense magic power when their emotions cross a certain threshold, or to be precise when the magic user was filled with anger. Not a new concept for power up and definitely cliche, but Dot looks cool, so whatever! (^_^)

We also learned a bit more about Dot. Since he was a child, Dot was a victim of bullying and had no friend. He was blessed to have a sister who looked out for him and taught him what it means to have a true friend. Considering his debut appearance and the way he behaved, it was obvious that he didn’t have any true friend that his sister told him about. That changed forever when he met Mash, the very first person who’d be angry on his behalf and even defended him. Though I knew that Dot and Mash’s friendship began from that moment, this episode made that moment Mash protected Dot even more meaningful as Dot has finally found a true friend who cares for him. In return, Dot treasured Mash and won’t let it slide if his very first friend being insulted. He even repeated to Love what Mash said to Silva before when the latter insulted Dot. Again, though it’s cliche, I am happy to watch a developed friendship such as this. After one-sided proclaiming himself to be the main character, this episode showed Dot has truly shown him as a main character.

This episode also finally introduced one of Divine Visionaries as well as Adler Dorm’s ace, Rayne Ames, who was also Finn’s older brother. I suspected that he’s related to Finn due to his similar hair colors, so not really surprising. And wow, he left one big first impression. And he’s voiced by Yuki Kaji! That voice was the typical Yuki Kaji voice when playing as a cool-looking character!

From the first moment he stopped the Fourth Fang, there was no mistaking that Rayne truly lived up to his position as a Divine Visionary. The Fangs of Magia Lupus were nothing in the face of his magic. Opposite from his younger brother though, Rayne was ruthless. Not enough with defeating his opponent, he went as far as beating him up repeatedly as the means of interrogation and to give him a lesson through pain so his opponent won’t even think of repeating the same mistake again. Not exactly the method I am fond of, but considering who his opponent was, can’t say they don’t deserve it either.

His encounter with Mash was more hilarious than I thought it would be. It was supposed to be him testing whether Mash was a student or one of Innocent Zero’s men, but Mash, like he always did, brought out laugh from the supposed test by not just stopping one of Rayne’s magic swords but even made the swords as his hand-made chair and baseball batt. The reaction of Rayne’s spider and Rayne’s similarly deadpan expression while having serious thoughts made it all the more hilarious!

Furthermore, despite his earlier ruthlessness, Rayne was not arrogant. When he did something wrong, he did apologize for his mistake like he did with Mash. He also didn’t hold any prejudice against the markless people and seemed to share the same goal as the Principal to change perspective of society towards the markless ones. Most of all…that bunny handkerchief! Oh, he definitely like rabbits alright! Kawaii Rayne! XD


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