Man this was a jammed packed episode in the best way possible! There were so many great moments, some more heartache and reveals!!!

Since Kiyoka has figured out that Tsuruki is the alias of the Usuba family, he resolved himself to take Miyo to their place in hopes they could finally help her. Thanks to that, Miyo was able to learn that Arata is in fact her cousin, and got to meet her grandfather Yoshiro, (Sumi’s father) for the very first time. Naturally all of this was overwhelming to her because for one, she had no idea this was going to happen, and two suddenly being told she has a gift just left her flabbergasted.

However the family reunion wasn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows to so speak. The problem is that they wanted Kiyoka to entrust Miyo into their care. Though they didn’t outright say it, by the sound of ‘relinquish and hand all responsibility of Miyo’ to them seem to suggest annulling his engagement with her. Of course Kiyoka wasn’t having any of that, especially with how they have neglected to remove Miyo from that abusive household themselves– all because she didn’t have the gift. And I don’t buy for a second that they didn’t know what was happening at the Saimori’s because they clearly have their intel circle to know what’s going on. They only intervened because they finally sensed her gift had awakened. So here we are seeing yet again, with another example of if one doesn’t have a gift, then they don’t really matter what happens to them, and like Kiyoka, that really irked me.

The reason why Usuba want her within their control is because they understand that the nature of her powers need to be under guidance and supervision to ensure it’s kept in check. And we saw the immediate effects of that with the way Miyo was able to feel more relaxed because of the effect of the Usuba’s barrier.

But what bothered me the most was when Arata had the audacity to criticize Kiyoka’s ability to protect Miyo. Going on about how he’s too busy with work to protect her, how he let her get kidnapped and beaten up, and can’t do anything about her nightmares.


Look unless the Emperor pledge or something had to do with preventing them from intervening sooner– they had opportunities, and frankly speaking any propositions to get Miyo out of that house probably would have been more than welcomed considering how excited the Saimori were about finally kicking her out. So, Arata can kindly shut up because they failed intervening sooner to get Miyo out of the Saimori’s household because they thought she was giftless. And when given another opportunity: They didn’t try to save Miyo when she was kidnapped by the Saimori because they thought she was still giftless.

Whereas Kiyoka, despite being tired and having busy schedule, he still makes the effort to help Miyo, which it a lot more than someone standing on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs until “the point” of having her close by comes up. Kiyoka stays up late at night to hold her hand and helps her find some peace whenever he has the chance to do so, and we seen from within Miyo’s dream that his presence makes a difference, even if it’s just a little. He also understood his powerlessness to help deal with her nightmares, and so took it upon himself to investigate and locate the Usuba family in hopes they could finally help her. So no Arata, Kiyoka didn’t fail Miyo, the Usuba family did, and this whole proposition of splitting the two of them up is uncalled for. There are surely ways for Miyo to receive guidance and aid without having to sacrifice her relationship with Kiyoka.

But most importantly, Arata in particular is unfairly biased against Kiyoka. He really believes that Kiyoka is a cold-hearted man who doesn’t care for Miyo, yet his actions says otherwise– especially when he stopped his strike when the illusion of Miyo was drawn before him. Or it could be that Arata simply doesn’t want to acknowledge it because Kiyoka has the role that he has been waiting to play his entire life: Protecting Miyo.

Speaking of the duel. What brought out about it was frustrating but also understandable why it unfolded it the way it did. Had Miyo stood her ground of wanting to remain by Kiyoka side, her input (as it revolves around her)  could have potentially steered the conversation from the duel that inevitability followed after she said she “didn’t care” what was decided. But the reason why she didn’t do that was because she didn’t want to be a burden to Kiyoka. This was what brought about the previous argument in last week’s episode, because while her heart wants to be with him, she’s afraid of weighing him down with her problems. It also didn’t help that Arata’s counter to Kiyoka’s insistence that he can protect her played in enforcing that belief, as she blames herself for putting him in this difficult situation, and fears of doing that for the rest of his life. And since she did that, the outcome of her fate was left to a duel, one Kiyoka readily accepted because he was definitely not going to leave without a fight– not in that moment anyways.

While the duel had a frustrating outcome with Arata being the victor through dirty means by drawing up the illusion of Miyo throwing herself between them to stop Kiyoka from defeating him, the duel was absolutely spectacular to watch. In fact it went on longer and was more intense than I actually expected to see, and it was really exciting to watch! I’m really glad they just went HARD with it! It was Gun VS Sword and Arata’s deliberate hit on Kiyoka’s arm really set the tone of how serious this fight was. Fortunately Arata wasn’t crazy enough to kill Kiyoka, which makes sense given that they need him for dealing with the Grotesqueries, but also Miyo would have been devastated if he did.

Before Kiyoka was defeated though, he was super badass during this fight, but after that man the heartache of seeing him and Miyo being separated. While he was only cast outside of the mansion, man it was heartache to see them being pulled apart like that. It was rough to see Kiyoka sprawled out on the street, just absolutely defeated.

But this is why we have Hazuki right? Bless his sister. Keeping him in check so this doesn’t get dragged out. She’s like, “NO PITY PARTY”, “USE YOUR HEAD”, reminding him Miyo’s actions speak louder than words.

However given the evolving situation with the Grotesqueries, as much as Kiyoka wants to rush back to bring Miyo back home, he understands that if he neglects his duty, not only will people die, but Miyo would blame herself further for being a burden to him. That’s why I’m not terribly upset about it.

And on the flipside, for better or worse, given the situation at the moment, is it probably better that Miyo is with the Usuba’s. Obviously I wished she could have met them and have this talk under better circumstances, but I suppose the one silver lining in all of this is that Miyo is finally given the opportunity to reconnect with her mother. They have some of the things that were taken away from her and lost from the fire. Pictures of her mother for instance, something Miyo probably thought she’d never be able to see again outside of her dreams. She is also finally getting the opportunity to learn more about her mother’s gift: Telepathy, the ability to link’s one hearts and minds. This is our first real explanation as to why she is able to communicate with Miyo in her dreams even after she has long passed.

Next week it looks like we’re going to get some answers as to why Sumi sealed Miyo’s powers in the first place. This further highlights the tree being the key to that seal broke after Miyo had touched it– though I suppose it could have been broken any time after it crumbled away had she not gone back to visit the mansion.

Which brings us to the final bit: What we learned today about the Usuba’s and Miyo’s abilities!

Unlike other families, it’s considered perfectly normal for the Usuba family to possess a gift without Spirit-Sight, and Arata is one of them. Instead, due to the nature of their powers revolving around manipulating one’s heart and mind, their role is not to deal with the Grotesqueries, but rather keep powerful Gift users like Kiyoka in-check (check: Arata’s gift). They are the only ones who can put an end to the ones running amok. That’s why they live elusive lives.

While Miyo’s unlikely to ever develop Spirit-Sight at this point, her gift on the other hand is something that has been spiralling out of her control. The reasons for her nightmares is because her gift is the ability to enter one’s dreams. A pretty scary power considering what one will ill intentions would be capable of. Brainwashing, manipulation, psychological torture, it really could trigger a calamity. Fortunately Miyo is a precious cinnamon roll and she’d never do such a thing. That’s why I said back in episode 3’s entry, if this series had been one to revolve around revenge, ohhhhhh boy…. the Saimori’s could’ve been subjected to a some horrifying things, but I digress.

But it’s because Miyo is able to enter and can eventually learn to control dreams, we can already see how her ability to intervene through dreams can be a key to dealing with the Grotesqueries’ victims who fall into a coma. It appears what would be the main difference between the way Kazushi handles dealing with curses is that he is present when he is confronting them. As for Miyo, despite having been tormented by the nightmares with Grotesqueries attacking her— apart from sleep deprivation and psychological distress, she has never truly been in physical danger like Kazushi had been to the point he pulled out saying it was too much for him to handle. So this did make me wonder whether the curse inflicted by the Grotesqueries can still attack someone if they were to enter a victim’s dream. Or would they merely be illusions that can be dealt with once identified so?

Well anyhow, Miyo has only just learned that she even has a gift, so she a long way before she can fully tap into what she’s truly capable of. But she certainly harbours the potential to be a major player in this unfolding crisis. After-all, apart from the Grotesqueries running loose, we still need to figure out who was behind breaking the Grave’s seal in the first place, and what’s the motive for doing so. It’s easy to forget such player exists given everything that has been happening.

Though speaking of which, it is highly suspicious how the Emperor seems to be relishing the evolving situation with the Grotesqueries. It makes you wonder if he played a hand in this. We know he is afraid of those who bear powerful gifts, such as the Usuba and the Kudo family, so it does leave me with the impression that he’s hoping this whole thing will be enough to potentially take Kiyoka and his family out. Seems to be a sure way to killing two birds with one stone…

Anyways, looking forward to the next episode! Considering how much they managed to jam into this one, I’m really excited for how the final two are going to turn out. AND SURELY WE’RE GOING TO GET A SEASON 2 RIGHT?! RIGHT?! RIGHT? BECAUSE WE CAN’T JUST END IT WITH ONE COUR OR SEASON! I’m hoping they’ll announce it right after the final episode, you know, for the peace of mind more is on the way, ahahaha. What can I say? I’m greedy for more!

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Also would have perfered Kiyoka in his military uniform, just sayin.


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    Oh, Arata and the grandpa, how much I absolutely hate you both in this episode. You dare said all those things after leaving Miyo to suffer for all those years. I hope it won’t be long until Kiyoka put them in their place and retrieve Miyo! And Miyo, I know it’s hard, but please grow to be more confident and it’s okay to be selfish once in a while! (TT_TT)

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