Okay well I definitely wasn’t expecting the wizardry school to look like a traditional Japanese building, complete with a hot spring and everything. Especially since the story is set somewhere in pseudo-Europe. And honestly doesn’t the building stand out because of that? I don’t think anyone expects to see a large Japanese building in the middle of a European forest. This is supposed to be a secret-like school so aren’t they just screwing themselves over? It’s definitely…a choice.

But enough about that. Episode 11 was simple enough. Everyone decides to go to the wizardry school like we already knew but we get some additions along the way! Viola and Walter join the group and they each learn that everyone around them are basically witches and have magic. Walter is there to learn about everything and find a cure to the curse first of course. And Viola…just wants to wear the uniform. But dang it she really did look adorable in the uniform and that hairstyle. And honestly Viola is just a really fun character so it’s nice having her around. Most of the episode was everyone just hanging out and heading to the school together, learning how the school works, and getting prepared for their classes that will start the very next day. This was basically just the set up for everything, but it was fun to watch everyone together. The headmaster of the school just being a super fan of Nico is both so weird but kind of hilarious, especially all the other female students being enamored by him. Shut up Zain and just enjoy your actual girlfriend. I enjoyed seeing Walter and the Duke have a mostly normal conversation in the bath, and I hope this whole experience will bring them together in the end.

At this point I don’t know how I feel about Daleth anymore. Her character has been a rollercoaster for me. I…don’t like stalker characters and that’s what she’s turned into now. For one thing I still have no idea how I feel about her romance with Walter, so her stalker shenanigans are just weird to me and I don’t like stalker crushes anyway because it’s just creepy. Her moment with Viola was fine I guess, though I feel like it came out of nowhere. I’m just in the middle and very confused where I should be with her, but I’m more focused on the other characters and the school to care I guess. Eh.

Now Episode 12 doesn’t seem all that grand until the very end when Zain, Daleth, Alice, and the Duke go back in time. The other moments in the episode were fun with the classes, watching Cuff’s training, and seeing that Walter does seem to have a lot of magic prowess. Daleth and Keto manage to finally break the school’s barrier and sneak inside, leading to a fight scene between her and Nico when she pretends to be Sade. A very cool one at that too. In the end they also enroll in the school so it looks like this is going to be our end group.

I did not expect them to go back in time so soon. Honestly it was stupidly reckless of them and it bit them in the ass and they don’t even know it. When it comes to time travel, I feel like they should have taken A LOT more precautions. It all happened so suddenly that there wasn’t really any type of plan so of course it wasn’t surprising when things got out of hand. Zain immediately meets with Sade, and once it was confirmed that Sade could indeed read minds, this was a big UH OH moment. It makes me wonder if Sade knew how she was going to die against her battle with the wizards and she let that happen on purpose? I can’t say for sure though. But with this trip back in time, I think I have a much clearer picture of what transpired but still can’t find the connection in a certain spot. The Duke and Alice accidentally meet with his grandfather, Victor. It was very brief but it was a nice moment and he seemed like a pleasant man. Unlike Zain meeting with Sade who was creepy and terrible. If Daleth wasn’t there to get him out of the way, things would have gone terribly. Zain also just says stupid things. But listening to her spiel about love, Victor being there, and knowing what we know about the Duke’s family and some family ties…I think a clearer picture has been painted about everything and yet there’s still some things that I still have questions about.

We knew from Rob that Victor and Sharon always had a very close relationship. I think he had said that it never was romantic, but I kind of doubt it now. Sade’s fixation on Sharon makes a lot more sense because it seems like Sade was in love with Victor. Probably thinking Sharon was in the way of her love, whether she had a relationship with Victor or not, was the reason she put her under a long slumber curse. It all makes sense and considering how VERY yandere she was when she was speaking with Zain, that should be the answer. I have to wonder though, Sade didn’t seem adverse to actually killing people so I wonder why she didn’t straight up kill Sharon instead of putting her under that curse. Maybe it’s because part of her did see her as a friend, or maybe it’s a control thing, I’m not sure. Though I’m still stumped why she put the curse on the Duke. There’s still no connection other than he’s Victor’s grandson, so there has to be something else to it. I also have to wonder, if she held such a grudge against Sharon why did she not do anything to Alice? Given who she is it seems obvious that Alice should have the death curse instead of the Duke, so it’s still a head scratcher and something to wonder. That part of her calling out Alice as a “Sharon’s daughter, a disgusting girl” and this notion of accidentally changing the future does make me uneasy…

Especially when it looks like they DID affect the future with that after-credit scene. Either Sade put a time limit on that curse, or they did indeed change the future. Now…what does this all mean for everyone?


This was an interesting season. The plot definitely got moving along a lot faster compared to the first season and while it’s still taking its sweet time, it’s gotten very intriguing. And while I still have the same opinion of Daleth, it’s nice that we have even more characters into the mix. Walter wasn’t much of a character in the first season but he’s really making his presence known this time around and I like him. We’ve actually had a lot of character development with him and Zain, new and existing relationship dynamics forming into love, and just a bigger cast of characters. This season has been fun, but maybe I didn’t like it as much as the first one.

There was a big lack of Alice and Duke romance compared to the first season, even though they still had some sweet moments together. The window kiss is still my favorite moment, and I like that Alice was still thinking about it when she was rubbing her finger on the train’s window. Ugh it was so romantic~ <3 However, because we spent more time on other characters I feel like we didn’t get as much of them and maybe I would have liked more. Still, I enjoyed the circus arc and finally seeing Zain and Cuff become a legit couple because they’re so adorable!

I think that’s my only real gripe with this season really, because this season wasn’t all that different from the first one. We had random slice of life funny moments, Alice’s teasing, some fanservice, sweet romantic moments, but we also had a lot of action this time too. Like I said before, the animation was definitely better than the first one though still retaining the awkward charm of the limited and simplistic models. There were a lot more 2D animated moments too, which is kind of normal in CG shows but can be a little weird. All in all, I can’t say anything is too different overall. If you liked the first season of the show, just expect more of the same but with more plot stuff. Which is good!

While I do like the first season just a tad bit more, I did enjoy my time with this season. I’m really excited for what’s to come next time, especially with that insane cliffhanger they left us! And luckily they already announced the third and seemingly final season to air in 2024 so the wait won’t be long! I’m so happy they’re going to adapt the whole story since I feel like this show falls under the radar. I’m not sure how I feel about doing weekly anime reviews anymore, but I won’t abandon this series. I’m going to see it through to the end in one way or another! Until next time!


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