Say what you will about how she acts now and how she used to act before, in my head Chiaki is still a violent person who loves to take revenge on others and I admire her for that.In this episode, we meet Chiaki and Tatsuya. They are both old friends from middle school and used to hang out a lot, yet when they both get into their first year of high school Chiaki avoids Tatsuya for some unknown reason, and seems really mad at him. Tatsuya then tries to fix things, however he does not know what is wrong with her and one day after a small conversation they end up holding hands and both find out about their love for the other.
Impression: Awwww, that was cute. A little less original than the other episodes, but it was still really cute. I love how Chiaki’s glasses fog up when she’s shy or nervous, I find her so cute! She’s such a cute and nice person, and then turns around and throws encyclopedias on Tatsuya’s head XD. I really like that girl because she has a strong personality and won’t bring herself down like other shy girls. She’s really strong yet really weak at the same time, she was a very well done character. The plot was a little boring this time, but the cuteness and the funny and violent moments at the beginning were very entertaining.