Beelzebub Episode 5: YAAAAAAAY, PLOT!!!

As usual, this episode starts off with Baby Beel being a pain in the ass, this time being a tad more like other babies and not sleeping. This causes Oga to sleep at school While standing, now THAT is impressive, and later he then notices on his hand a weird mark. It is called the “Zebul Spell” and it’s a symbol of Oga’s and Baby Beel’s contract, it also shows how powerful they are together (The more people they beat up, the bigger the mark and the more powerful Baby Beel becomes through Oga) SWEEEEEEEET. Following this, Oga decides “I will not fight anymore!” in order to make the contract disappear That is TOTALLY going to fail…

...That promise lasted what, 5 seconds?

Meanwhile, we meet another TKKH, Himekawa, and he seems like the same kind of boss Kanzaki was, except he has whores and money, and he buys off another thug in order for him to capture Hilda and lure in Oga. Then follows a small conversation involving Natsume the suspicious calm dude from before, I figured out his name 🙂, while Oga follows his promise and stops punching people, and he also makes Baby Beel promise that he will not cry nice one!.
Himekawa has managed to capture Hilda and Furuichi, and Oga goes to their rescue, breaking his promise at the same time that was to be expected… After humiliating Himekawa lots of times using fists/unconscious insults asking a famous thug “Who the fuck are you?” usually isn’t a compliment, the Zebul Spell reacts and Hilda, upon looking at it, is impressed because Oga is really powerful he makes a humongous hole in a wall with a single PUNCH, and he has also drawn out enough of Baby Beel’s power for it to cover his whole arm already.
Ohhhhh, finally there’s some kind of plot start!
The appearance of the Zebul Spell this week gave us a big hint as to how this might turn out later on, and it is definitely obvious that Oga is different from other people, and he’s more fit to be Baby Beel’s father than others but then again, it’s a shounen so we basically knew that he had to be stronger than the others beforehand. I like the concept, it’s a way of showing us how strong he is, and how much stronger he can actually become. So far, what I’m the most curious about, is how the story will be flipped around in the end. I mean, I doubt Oga will really destroy humanity, so I don’t know how the story will find its way around this technicality I’m pretty sure it will, I mean that would be a horrible ending if everyone simply died.Basically, right now I’m just happy the plot has started off a little bit more, because it’s true I was starting to think this would never start off.
Now to move on to other things, I know I should stop talking about this guy, but Natsume intrigues me. I WANNA KNOW WHAT HIS PURPOSE IS IN LIFE D: He’s just… there, talking about Oga as if he knows him, and he seems to just… UGH, I dunno who he is but he’s damn interesting right now. As for Himkeawa, well his glory will have lasted 1 episode and that’s basically it. He got his ass owned, I have nothing more to say about him Go die.
On a more general note, I like how, in every episode, the first 5 minutes are dedicated to a little humouristic scene involving Oga and Baby Beel. It’s carefree, funny, and although it takes a little bit of the episode’s time it’s hilarious and so far the show’s humour is one of it’s good characteristics, because I can barely stop laughing while watching this.
Cute Baby RantCome on, I haven’t had one in a little while
Baby Beel made the sweetest faces this week, and when Oga gave him those earphones I swear he was freakin’ adorable. I thought it had to be mentioned…
d'Awwww ^.^

Facial Expression of the Week:

I think this one deserves the monthly award.

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