One Piece Episode 486: Am Scared O.O

GYAAAA I SWEAR THESE EPISODES ARE DAMN INTENSE!! The action never stops!!!The episode starts off this week with a small narrator monologue in Whitebeard’s honour, how great and powerful he actually was and how much he was respected around the world R.I.P. 🙁 Upon his death, all the pirates start running away while the Marines chase after them. We also see Akainu and it turns out that he is alive, barely holding on to the rocky ledge No waiii, fall, DIE, BASTARD WHO KILLED ACE, and then he makes a hole and survives, walking through an underground tunnel he made using his lava NUUUUU.

Why are you still alive? -.-

Meanwhile, after a stupid scene involving stupid Buggy, although I have to admit I cracked a little when I saw this one it looks like Blackbeard has another plan in mind, a plan that involves Whitebeard’s body. He puts Whitebeard’s body under a cloth and disappears under it, while Jimbei carries our still unconscious Luffy and tells himself how much respect he has for Ace’s brother That’s right, Luffy’s just awesome like that.
The situation then completely flips around as Aokiji and Akainu prevent everyone from running away, and Akainu tries to kill Luffy, however Ivan prevents him. In the background, Blackbeard has finally accomplished his “evil plan”, and we learn that he has in fact stolen Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit, therefore being the only person in the world able to control 2 abilities at the same time.
O.O Am scared.
HOLY &@W&#@#&#@&)(@)(, BLACKBEARD HAS TWO DEVIL’S FRUITS IN HIM?!?!?!! This. Is. Scaring me.
We can finally figure out what the hell Blackbeard was doing in Mariejoa, what his motive was, and how he brought all these powerful pirates under his control. This guy… Is an incredibly good bad guy, which makes me absolutely despise him however he’s so bad that he’s a good character for this. It turns out he’s much more scary than basically everyone else in the Marines, and this is… Scary.
In the meantime, Akainu’s still going after Luffy, and that scares me also. I mean, Akainu should go die in a hole. You know, what we thought he actually did 2 episodes ago? Yeah, do that again and I’ll definitely be a happy camper. URGH. -.-
Generally, about the last 10 episodes have been packed with so much action, suspense, emotion and plot development, I swear this is amazing, and it’s the reason why I love One Piece so much. Yes, it’s slow, yes it’s incredibly long, however it’s totally worth it in the end. If I didn’t know already what was going to happen you’d probably hear me rant and rant about this plot twist over and over again. THIS IS GOOD!!!
To finish off on a funny note, Hancock owns and Coby’s pathetic.
Hancock… Can kill a Pacifista with ONE freakin’ kick. That is simply an amazing exploit, and I had to mention it and show some respect towards her. As for Coby, well the only thing he did in this war so far has been to look at Luffy and say “Luffy-san”… I dunno about you, but I think he needs a tad more in his personality… You know… Or else he’s kinda… Um… Wimpy?

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