Bleach 307: The Snake and the Butterfly


Aizen is amusing himself by slowly chasing Asano and the others in the sleeping city, but meanwhile a vicious snake as awoken and is ready to strike

The eyes of the snake


This episode was unbelievably awesome.

The episode starts with Asano and Arisawa ran into their friends and alert them of the imminent danger, but they only had time for a brief briefing before Aizen appeared. Kojima tested different method to slow down Aizen, but even blowing up a whole alley didn’t seemed to do much. While they were running away, Asano and Don Kanonji decided that they would be real man for once and they stood still against the invincible monster Aizen had become. They were ready to sacrifice their life to let the girl escape. But they couldn’t show their bravery because Afroman came back from his deep sleep and took back his sword. He then proceeded to do what he does best, slow down the opponent, and run away in cowardice.

Aizen was about to simply kill them because he was getting bored with chasing them, but Gin came back at the same moment. Ichigo’s friend proceeded to use this opportunity to run as fast as they could.

Now I know the guy can teleport, but you should still try to run guys

Aizen was kind of annoyed that he would have to travel again to kill them, but he still questioned Gin if he really killed Matsumoto. After all it seems there was a deep, long forgotten relationship between the two. But Gin assures Aizen that she is indeed dead and reminds him, “I am a snake, I am cold-hearted and thick-skinned and I swallow whole what ever I like”. If Gin was real , I would have slept with him. I love that cold-hearted snake. Even more so because of what followed. Out of nowhere, in the middle of a sentence, Gin strikes with his swords and hits Aizen straight to the heart.

Now that will take more than a few stitches

Gin reveled he had been playing the follower since the beginning for this day to come, the day where he would finally kill Aizen. But pierced Aizen heart was not the only thing he died, he lied about his zanpakto power all along, it is not the longest, it is not the fastest. It is poisonous and when it retract it turns to dust. So when he pierced Aizen he left a little piece of his sword inside his heart and then he used that piece to pierced Aizen and using the poison decomposed his body.

Gin quickly took the Hōgyoku and ran away. Finally, it was over, Gin was now the one in possession of the greatest power of all and he defeated Aizen.

Or maybe not…

Aizen went berserk and let out a crazy scream of doom and after an intense flash of light…Aizen became a butterfly ! err wait what?


Aizen appeared next to Gin and slashed him up, and the rest is to be continued.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Gin is even more awesome than I previously thought

  • Aizen is now a Butterfly

  • Did I said Gin is awesome?


Now this episode was simply amazing, stunningly well executed and finished in a cliffhanger to make me rage and left me hungry for more. This is the reason why I put up with all the filler in Bleach, for this kind of episode. Now I’ll go clean the mess my nerdgasm caused and we’ll see each other next week for even more awesome stuff.

ZeroG signing off.

5 thoughts on “Bleach 307: The Snake and the Butterfly

  1. GIN FOREVERRRRRRRR!!!! I love that guy, he’s so sly, so intellectual, so awesome. I’m preparing tissues for the next episode.
    Other than that – I’ve been waiting to say this:


    1. Alright, I haven’t watched recent episodes, but Gin’s face just ruins the possible awesomeness he could have. I mean, come on…

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