Tomonori is trying her best to fall in love with Aikawa, but despite her determination, she has some difficulty becoming in love. Hopefully a date with Aikawa will help her close the cap between the two of them.


Aikawa is having fun with his new glasses ( I want a pair too !) but the fun didn’t lasted long, he soon lose them and sera takes possession of them. That is quite unfortunate, even though the glasses were unable to see through panty fabric, they were still offering a beautiful view of the world.

I wanted to get those for my Birthday !

Later on, Haruna is having a naughty dream involving Aikawa, but before anything too kinky happens she wakes up in  terror and go beat up Aikawa who is still sleeping in his bed. That morning everyone proceeded to tell Aikawa how perverted he was for doing dirty stuff in Haruna’s dream. I believe it kind of suck when you are woke up by a jump kick to the back and then everyone claim you are a dirty piece of shit because they had a naughty dream involving you.

That would have been a beautiful scene if; Haruna was not naked, Aikawa was not in a girl costume and if it was not a dream

Anyway now the episode goes a bit differently from usual, we get to follow the story from Tomonoki’s point of view for a while. She went to the Mask Donald with our friend and they were discussing her relationship with Aikawa near a poster of a huge hamburger.

Tomonoki concluded that she needed to make a lunch to Aikawa to win his heart, since she seemed uneasy about simply going naked like Haruna usually does. I believe Haruna’s tactic would work better on me. Nevertheless Tomonoki does try to cook as well as Haruna but she end up putting so much stuff in the recipe that even if it would have been descent to begin with, in the end it doesn’t even matter that she tried so hard to make it all. Also here is a random quote that I loved.

Aikawa couldn't say it any better

Later on some stuff happens and Everyone ends up going on a shopping mall spree, this mean, the girl gets to buy stuff and Aikawa needs to pay for everything and carry the bags, yai ! At the end of the shopping spree Haruna gets really jealous and want Aikawa to kiss her, but instead she punch him in the face countless times until he’s unable to speak clearly anymore, I believe that girl likes to beat him more than she wants to kiss him.

But in the end some obscure character go to speak with Eucliwood and she mysteriously disappear.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The X-ray glasses

  • Tomonoki’s fantasy are awesome, she think even more perverted stuff than me ! same goes for Haruna actually


Well, I must admit this episode was kind of slow and boring, the emptiness in the story telling was being fill in with ecchi to compensate, but even if my penis occupies more room in my pants, my brain is still left unsatisfied in the end. But at least the episode ended with a nice touch of mystery, so hopefully things will get really interesting for next week episode. See you then!

ZeroG signing off.