Bleach 311: Pretty Boy


Karakurazier meet a new hollow fighter in Karakura town, he is named  Michel and is a handsome man who fights the spirits with the grand admiration of everyone in town.


So we got ourselves a filler, while I saw it coming from a mile away, I was still secretly hoping it would not be. In this week episode, we will follow Kon while he is fighting hollows in Karakura town as the Karakurizer. Or maybe he won’t fight that many actually, when he is trying to run to the rescue of a young lady in danger, a new unknown hero appears.

Why can't I wear a cape and be told by people that I'm awesome?

The Handsome hero is called Michel and he sure made a fool out of Kon. With a simple smile he’s able to seduce everyone in town, except for Kon, since he is a candy, not a person. While Kon had clue what so ever who the guy was, it seems everyone in town worshipped him.

But despite this mysterious young man, there is a rumor that the same deadly arrancar as last time we saw Karakurizer is back ! So our team of super hero are back together to save the town from this malicious arrancar.

I wouldn't mind her mind controlling me!

But on their way to fight crimes and injustices, they found the mysteriously fabulous Michel. the guy is so awesome that it turned Chizuru from lesbian to straight in a second and Asano from straight to gay. He proceeds to give everyone a cape to fly around town and Kon is left out since he doesn’t fell for the pretty boy.

But turns out that the cape were CAPES OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOM !!!!! The cape sucked up the team spiritual energy and so they passed out. Everyone except for Arisawa, since she’s badass and will become a super powerful shinigami one day I’m sure. Kon who was going on his daily strutting happens to see the mischievous Michel and decides to kick his ass. With the help of Arisawa he destroy his magical teeth of mind control and successfully kill him.


Awww shit, fml

Really that’s about all that happened


Things I liked about this episode:

  • The story was not too painful to watch

  • It ended


Well it is filler time, so I’ll have to find some kind of intriguing stuff to write about on those filler soon, otherwise I’ll need to step on that chair and kick it away. Meanwhile you’ll just have to deal with this shitty review. My bad.

ZeroG signing off

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