While Yusei is recovering at Martha’s place, Ruka speaks about a vision that involved a battle between the Earthbound Gods and the Signer’s Dragons. She mentions how there’s one dragon that was she didn’t know, however Rua immediately jumps to conclusion believing strongly that he is the fifth signer. Later on Rua and Ruka decides that they will try and talk Aki into joining their group, however with her guardian Divine in the way, Rua and Ruka (although mainly Rua) finds themselves both in a distressful situation.

Poor Rua, led to believe that he is the 5th Signer don’t worry he’ll get there-eventually you just wait. Anyhow it was facepalming worth episode. Every time Rua went on about how he’s the 5th Signer I rolled my eyes, slapped my forhead, looked away, scoffed – I really couldn’t help it. That kind really likes to boast about things whenever he gets the chance to doesn’t he?
Anyways, now that Ruka is with Aki, it is likely she may be the one who will persuade Aki into joining their group. Divine is a man that is up to no good. He is taking advantage of all these people of all ages so that he can train them into Psychic Warriors that can be used in wars. Anyhow if Aki going to get anywhere she is going to have to get around Divine – and that’s going to be a real challenge consider how easily that girl can be manipulated by him.
As for Yusei, according to Martha and the doctor it was a miracle (no freaking kidding) that he got away with only minor injuries – nothing too fatal (could have though if he were left there and get an infection). Martha, though we haven’t seen much of her within the last two episodes I already like her character. I’m pretty confident that she wasn’t kidding about she’d kick his ass if he tried to sneak out. She is also very wise.
Last but not least she revealed that Jack and Crow has grew up with Yusei so they are like brothers (and in this case I think Jack has a brother-complex with Yusei hahahaha *SHOT*).
The animation, it’s weird how Yusei’s face ALWAYS SEEM TO CHANGE. Like they just can’t stick with one design! Well it’s not entirely bad, I do prefer the usual one since it makes him look more aggressive while this face kind of reminds me of one of the characters from BeyBlade (don’t even ask).


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