Bleach 319: The Queerxie Vs the Timemaster


Ishida fights Inaba while Ichigo Rukia and Yoroichi are fighting their way back to the world of the living.


Alright we got some fighting going on in this episode! Now the fight between Ishida and Inaba was really entertaining, while we know all of Ishida’s move, it was fun to see that Inaba’s power was to control time in some way.

Friends always end up backstabbing you with jedi swords

Now another fight that would have been awesome is the one between Yoroichi and Byakuya. But unfortunately we weren’t able to witness the awesome of that fight, I guess we’ll see it in flashback the next time we see Yoroichi. Despite what other character might imply, there is no way she is dead, and here is why:

  1. This is a filler arc, nothing that will interact with the future can happen, this means that at the end of this arc, nothing will be changed

  2. No one ever dies in bleach…


Now near the end of the episode when Ichigo showed up, one could wonder why the hell he even still bother fighting if he doesn’t have the strength to fight regular hollow anymore anyways. Anyway it is kind of lame that they are extending his “fall” for the purpose of this arc. Ichigo is supposed to be knocked out already, he should be all out of power, out of juice and maybe if he is lucky he could possibly still see shinigami, if even that. They could have easily made a filler arc where he is not involve, or at the very least involved but without its power.

Now enough with the rant, starting next episode, stuff might get awesome, since now the captains and lieutenant have been released from Inaba’s trap and they seem ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

The Weather forecast said it would be sunny, not raining pink swords !

Now what I’m wondering is where they all taken in the precipice world, since I don’t remember there were quite that much people in the precipice world. But I guess we’ll learn that latter on…or not, since this is bleach after all and they don’t care much for having too much logic involved.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • discovering Inaba’s abilities

  • The rest of the captain crew is back.


I’m a gay robot. Oh wait, no I meant…this was an interesting episode, kind of. Now let’s just hope it goes from here and just keep on getting better, otherwise I might find the next couple Wednesdays kind of painful.

ZeroG signing off.

3 thoughts on “Bleach 319: The Queerxie Vs the Timemaster

  1. //2. No one ever dies in bleach…//

    😀 That means Ulquiorra, Grimjow and all the Espadas plus Gin and Tousen are alive. LOL. SHOT

    1. They all came back in some form in the movie, they all still lives in another dimension somewhere, first people who dies in the world of the living become either shinigami or hollow if I remember correctly, and when hollow are killed they go to hell, but when shinigami are killed they are reincarnated in the world of the living. I think that is how it works. Therefore, yes no one ever dies for long.

      1. Ah, but Zero you are forgetting the key factor!
        What happens when a Hollow gains his/her heart again? What become of them then? >:D That is yet to be determined! Ohohohohoho~

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