Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 3: Rumors + Wannabe Ninja of Justice! :D

Kazuma finds himself being the hot topic around city since his accident with Ui in the mountain. He soon discovers that he is followed by a young girl around town and school, he then accidently runs into Madoka, who he had briefly met at the shrine the day before. Unfortunately for him, Madoka has men issues and sent him flying to the floor by a self defense reflex giving him a sore back. The next day, Kazuma wakes up late and is kicked out of the house so that Senka can clean up. He decides to go to the shrine before catching up with his brother to apologize to Madoka, that’s where the two talk and he meets the girl who has been following him around for the past few days.

This week’s episode kept me giggling from the start to finish. One of the things I liked was Madoka’s reaction towards Kazuma. So far I really like her timid, but strong character and her personality. I also loved the scene where Koyori said, “POOF” expecting Kazuma to crouch down and cover his eyes so that she can disappear “like a ninja”. I’ll be looking forward to learning more about her!!!
It was also good to see Ayumu’s health not staying perfect and playing a role in giving Ui a chance to spare a us a flashback about her and her brother. Like I said last week, we yet to know what happened to him. Ui as usual, kept me entertained throughout the entire episode, I have to admit I was disappointed to see what was in her lunch since she looked so excited about it. Once again she acted adorable as always! I swear I love her character!!! Oh yes, before I forget! Senka you sly woman, you love jumping to the perverted conclusions! Hahaha I loved her reaction when she overheard the conversation between Kazuma and Ayumu!!! It was absolutely hilarious!
I also loved how they added sparkles to the scenes without it being over the top. It was just perfect way to touch up the humor. Daigo’s efforts to make him look cool will never fail to make me laugh. I found it entertaining how he added some sparks to latest gossip/rumors going around the school (or in this case, I’d say the community since it’s such a small town), about Kazuma’s incident with Ui in the mountains.


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