Moshidora Ep 2: WHOA THAT WAS FAST! OvO/

Minami proceeds with the strategies from the Management book and  decides to interview the team with Yuuki. In the mean time, Minami discovers there’s quite a misunderstanding between the coach and Asano and that some players lack confidence.

First off sorry for the delay for YGO 5Ds Ep 59 and Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 3, I was out today plus there’s a storm over my head that is shaking my house, I’m half expecting the power to go out as I write this. And the next thing is, I was not expecting to see episode 2 to get out this fast! So yay!
Okay so this was an interesting episode. Today Minami had to focus on marketing where she and Yuuki were interviewing the players and asking them why were they on the team and what made them join.  As I watched this episode, during the first half didn’t appeal to me how they skipped through everyone’s reasons, but in the second half during the game we got the player’s insights. The whole relationship with the team is very complicated, but everyone is coming together but what sucks is really doesn’t feel like Minami is doing much, despite the fact she is but is just playing a smaller role. What I would like to see within the next episode is Minami step up her game, and judging the preview her match will be Yunosuke who she will have to motivate and give him some confidence to play with the team.
Asano, the moment he mentioned his shoulders were getting tense, I knew the reason why the coach took him off was for the sake of his physical condition, but it’s frustrating that the coach wouldn’t tell him straight out or after the gain. I was happy that the coach finally spoke up after Jil made an outburst about how he didn’t want to ‘catch Asano’s pitches anymore‘.
Ayano, she’s so funny and cute when she says “Huh? Well… yes”, quote over and over again! Unfortunately that is the main reason why people call her a robot. 🙁 It was good to see her speak up today.
I’ll give this one more episode before I decide whether I’ll cover it or not. The way things are going, it’s giving me the impression that it will be less about sports and more about converting business techniques into baseball team management strategies – which is exactly what the anime is supposed to be about in the first place. Looks like there really won’t be any room for some minor romance… I hope for too much.


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