Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 59: Bold Confessions

The duel between Jack and Carly resumes where Carly eventually finds herself forced to make a decission between whether the misleading fate is something she truely wants. However, while she had briefly snapped out of it and returned to her senses, she is quickly possessed by darkness and the furious battle resumes. Jack slowly starts to lose hope on whether he could save her or not. He decides to make one more attempt by boldly expressing his true feelings that he holds in his heart towards her and makes a confession. At that point (as if the Crimsom Dragon was  just waiting for him to spit it out already) Jack recieves all the marks from his friends and obtain the special dragon that Yusei used to defeat Kiryu, Savior Dragon and summons Savior Demon Dragon.

Sorry for the delay guys, I was totally busy yesterday, and I’m super tired today so this is going to be a bit shorter than I hoped it to be. ;A;
HUUU HUU!!!! CARLLYYYY!!! *SOBS* DON’T GOOO! JACK NEEDS YOU! GOD, YOU GUYS FINALLY CONFESSED AND NOW YOU ARE SEPERATED AGAIN! *TAKES A BITE FROM EASTER CHOCOLATE* This – gosh, noooooooo!!! Seriously, whyyyyy god damn it why!!!!!!!! She was such an awesome character! I DON’T WANT HER TO BE GONE! PLEASE DON’T BE GONE!!!! T^T The Confession was done so beautifully, even the fact that Jack was willing to go down with her and end it with a draw so that she wouldn’t die alone. *CRIES EVEN MORE* Jack that is probably the most thoughtful thing you have ever considering doing so far!!!!
Also I have to say Savior Demon Dragon looks absolutely breathtaking! I mean it’s just gorgeous!!! It had so much more of angelic feel to it than Savior Star Dragon. Very fitting for saving the one you love! *SHOT*
This episode couldn’t have been done better. I am very happy that their romance has bloomed, and I think it’s safe to say Jack x Carly is officially canon! <3 MUTAL FEELINGS AND CONFESSIONS FTW!!!!!!!
Lastly, as for Yusei, it is too bad he didn’t get the chance to speak with his father. All he got to do was see his face and be brought back to the living world.


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