Steins; Gate episode 4 : Old computers for time travelers


Hououin and Itaru found some secret SERN program, but the only way to read it is to have an IBN 5100 computer, where will they find such an old machine?intro16


Well I feel quite let down with the episode of this show as of late, while it is still a good show, I feel the episode are kind of empty in their content, I was expected something deeper and darker.

What really actually happened in this episode?

At the beginning: We need an IBM 5100 guys

at the end : We got an IBM 5100 guys

I guess it is too late to write "spoiler" right?
I guess it is too late to write “spoiler” right?

What happened in between those two events are of such unimportance that I have trouble to see the point of the episode to begin with. Now what notable information was actually in this episode? We know that Masike didn’t had a harmonious relationship with her father, or at the very least I believe her father fell into mad science and lost everything doing so. Now this could be of importance for later on in the show.

Now the only really interesting fact I saw other than that was that the IBM 5100 was kept at the shrine because someone from the past told them to keep it there for a young man to get it in the future. TIME TRAVEL CONSPIRACY TIME! or not, no instead lets keep that for another episode, where something meaningful actually happens.

Even after all the shit I said, I love this shows art nonetheless
Even after all the shit I said, I love this shows art nonetheless

Now one thing I laughed at for minutes was Hououin joke about Itaru size. He said that Itaru and the universe were the same in respect that they are both ever-expanding. I might have liked that even more because I’m such a nerd.


Not much else interesting to say about this episode, I guess that once again everything will happen in a later episode, but I really wish every episode had more put into it.

Now of course the show is not all bad, it is still way better than most of the other crap ecchi or romance running around, but there are better shows to watch out there.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Hououin joke was just incredible

  • I enjoy the fact that stuff are always hinting at time travel as the heroes search for rare objects


To conclude, like I said a billion time, Son I am disappoint, let’s just hope next week impress me once again, not like if the show doesn’t have the potential to do so.

ZeroG signing off

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