Moshidora Ep 1: The Baseball Manager Who Hates Baseball [First Impression]

Kawashima Minami hates baseball, but despite that in her friend’s stead, she decides to take her place and become the school’s baseball team manager, declaring she will take them to the Nationals. However there’s just one problem, when she went out to find a book to help teach her how to manage a team, she ended up getting a business management book instead. Despite that, Minami decides learn from the book.

First Impression:
My.  Freaking. God. I’ve been waiting for this show to come out – holy shit, took forever! In the beginning it was supposed to be one of the first animes to debut the Spring 2011 season, but look where it wounded up, it’s now one of the last!!!
I was rather surprised how slow the pace was this episode, and how it took its time to not only to spend alot of time explaining what Minami was reading and how she was going to use those methods to make the team better. Either way it looks good enough for me to enjoy.
There’s one thing that certainly perked my interest, and that is wondering what have brought Minami to hate baseball. The only reason she’s being the manager at the moment is for Yuuki’s sake. I’m going to be crossing my fingers that there might be some romance that’ll bloom, I got a feeling that Asano’s complex with his ‘perfection’ perhaps and the issue with the coach is going to somehow, one way or another par up with Minami ‘s reason for quitting and growing to hate baseball.
I checked on MAL to see how long this show will last, and apparently it will only have ten episodes. So they better kick into gears by the next episode, otherwise the ending will end up feeling rushed and the pace will go off track. Also I do worry when it comes down to sports animes that only get up having ten episodes because it really doesn’t give them much time like some of the other series. Of course while this show is focusing on the manager, the only thing that changed is that they are on the bench rather than playing on the field. We also have to consider the team’s character development altogether, not just the key players.
The OP turned out alot more different than I had initially thought it’d be like. It wasn’t bad, but I got to say it’s super slow. The ED isn’t bad either. Unfortunately neither seem to impress me much, although I have to say I do like both songs.
Possibility of Blogging: I’m in. I want to cover something that is involved with sports.


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