Moshidora Episode 3: New Strategy to make Practice more Exciting!

The seasons past and the exam period comes and goes however before then the team looked as if they were pumped up to join practice, however as soon as the exams were over, people started slacking again. Minami tries to find a new strategy to encourage the players to attend practice. She seeks Ayano’s help to talk to the coach and try and figure out a plan. They have decided they’d divide the players into three teams excluding the pitches who will do special training instead, where they will have to compete with each other and the one who loses will have to face the consequences such as tending the field. While this new strategy becomes a success, Yunosuke continues to skip out in practice as he doesn’t feel like he has the rights or worth to be part of the team.

O_O I suppose this is a way of making up the lost time? Smokes.
Anyways the one who really shined this episode was Ayano. She has mustered up her courage to step it up after being encouraged by Yuuki, plus she and the coach had gathered an insane amount of data. As for Yunosuke, my god – he’s such a wuss! D:< Running away from his mistakes!!! If his teammates were bitching at him, that’d be a whole different reason why he doesn’t have the confidence nor feels he should to be on the team. When you make mistakes, you learn from them! THAT’S THE PURPOSE, and then you strive to become stronger so that you can try avoiding making the same error again! It takes practice, but when you don’t have confidence, you can’t succeed – and this is what Yunosuke failed to do until the end of the episode.
The interesting part is, Asano was grateful that Yunosuke made that mistake. It was thanks to that error he realized that he needed to change. So really this is just poor communication all over again. The guy was too lazy to go out and hunt Yunosuke down and say, “Hey man, don’t blame yourself – it’s thanks to your mistake I’ve changed! Lets practice together and become stronger!” or something along the lines! Then again, this was the only opportunity to see Minami do something productive other than giving out advice.
Once again, Minami failed to appeal to me this episode. : While I congrats her for now being the star manager that every club is looking for, again it feels like she didn’t do anything but tell people advice by reading right out of the book. Great, she went out to try and encourage Yunosuke, but in the end it was his friend who gave him the final push.
I can’t see myself blogging this, I honestly can’t. I’ll watch it, but no – this is way too general and it feels like there’s nothing to elaborate on except for the methods used from the book and how it will benefit us and blah blah blah – you get where I’m going.
Oh right, and before I finish this, I wanted to voice my concern that it feels like the whole situation where Minami hates baseball is forgotten. I hope for us at some point to receive a good explanation and not some stupid ass pull. :p


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